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By day, Sandy McDowell is a consumer health editor who develops multi-platform, multimedia web solutions and apps. By night, Sandy writes picture books and works on her middle-grade novel in progress, A Turtle Named Sister. Her graduate thesis and lecture at Vermont College of Fine Arts were both about picture book apps.

9 Reasons Audiobook Growth Is Soaring

Audiobooks are today’s fastest growing digital book format … but have you ever wondered why? As an indie author or digital publisher, if you haven’t already created and distributed an audiobook version of your titles, now’s the time. As an author and a reader, I’ve never outgrown the desire to have...

Confessions of a Lifelong Audiobook Addict

The news that children’s audiobook sales have gone up while ebook sales have declined doesn’t surprise me. It’s not because there’s anything wrong with ebooks. But for as long as I can remember, I’ve loved being read to. A Stack of Picture Books and a Record Player Like many other kids,...

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Less Glitz Makes for More Magic in Children’s Apps

At the end of March, a fortunate group of children’s authors, book publishers and app developers from around the world gathered at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair, where the Children’s Technology Review hosted talks and workshops on children’s apps and announced the winners of the BolognaRagazzi Digital Prize. This year’s winner,...

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Picture Book Apps and the Case of the Vanishing Author

Many children’s book authors aren’t huge fans of the so-called “picture book apps” or “story apps” entering the children’s market at ever increasing volumes. One reason why is because they aren’t authoring them. I recently spent a lot of time with children’s authors while completing an MFA in Writing for Children...