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Sabrina Ricci creates documentation and media for Shotgun, a product of Autodesk. She is also an indie author, speaker and blogger, she teaches online courses on how to create ebooks, and is the co-producer of the dinosaur podcast I Know Dino. In the past, she has worked for a number of publishers in different capacities, including Simon & Schuster, NBC Publishing, The Experiment Publishing, Wendy Lamb Books at Penguin Random House, and Scholastic. You can find her on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

What Goes into a Successful Marketing Plan?

What Are the Ingredients of a Successful Marketing Plan?

Today’s readers and book buyers are savvy. Ads are not enough to get a potential customer’s attention, and being bombarded daily with emails, texts, posts, tweets, shares, images and videos makes it incredibly easy, and more likely, for people to ignore ads. In fact, people are going out of their way...