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Rich Bellis is a senior editor at Digital Book World. He has a background in print and digital book production and has held positions at Hachette and Macmillan. He has also written for The Atlantic, World Policy, The Awl and other publications.

Digital Book World Ebook Best-Seller List agency pricing HarperCollins

Best-Selling Ebook Prices Rise Before HarperCollins Restores Agency

This week’s Ebook Best-Seller List captures the week ending April 11th, so it doesn’t reflect the return to agency pricing HarperCollins put into effect starting this Tuesday, the 14th. So the modest rise in the average price of a best-seller, from $6.66 last week to $6.98, isn’t a function of that switch. But since...

ebook readers direct-to-consumer sales marketing ebooks

Closing the Gaps in Readers’ Sales Journeys

Few publishers have marketing programs in place at every stage of a reader’s path toward making a book purchase. That’s partly because most publishers are still figuring out how to build meaningful relationships directly with their readers. But as marketing expert Murray Izenwasser and others have recently argued, a great discoverability...

global ebook publishing Pew Oyster HarperCollins e-reading

Global Ebook Opportunities Rising

A recent Pew study hints at growing opportunities for ebook publishers and retailers to reach more English-language readers around the world. Not only are rates of Internet use are higher among younger, more affluent, better educated members of the 32 developing countries Pew surveyed, those users also tend be social media savvy and...

Lego Little Brown Digital Comics ebooks legos

Lego Builds Ebook Line at Little, Brown

A deal announced yesterday brings Lego-branded content to Little, Brown Books for Young Readers in print and digital formats. Aimed at readers ages six to eleven and based on three popular Lego product lines, the first titles will be full-color digital comics and trade paperbacks available in time for 2015 holiday...

Penguin Random House ebooks publishing

Penguin Random House Still Sweeping Ebook Best-Seller List

Even as we’ve looked for signs of renewed agency ebook pricing impacting best-selling ebooks (and found few), and remarked on the continued power of media tie-ins to shape the rankings, the real story is a rather old one: the ongoing dominance of the world’s largest trade publisher, Penguin Random House. During the last holiday...

HarperCollins Expands Bookmate Offering

Many of the leading ebook subscription services are growing, both in terms of content and reach. Amazon brought Kindle Unlimited to Mexico and Canada less than two weeks ago. And earlier this month, Scribd added 10,000 digital comics to its subscription-based platform. Now Bookmate brings its total catalog up to 250,000...

Apple iBooks ebooks iPhone 6

Where Does Apple Go from Here?

Nearly 70% of Apple’s revenue in the most recent quarter and the entirety of its growth came from the iPhone, leading one observer to remark that the tech company “is now as dependent on the success of one product line…as Microsoft once was with Windows.” Pointing to the experience of Microsoft,...

American Sniper Digital Book World Ebook Best-Seller List

‘American Sniper’ Hits Ebook Best-Seller List Twice

The well-known power of media tie-ins to drive sales of best-selling ebooks was on ample display in the second half of last year, and the phenomenon shows no signs of diminishing in the first few weeks of 2015. American Sniper lands not one but two places on this week’s Ebook Best-Seller List as the film adaptation starring...

Amazon Prime Members Spending Big

By one recent estimate, Amazon Prime subscribers spend more than twice what the e-tailer’s other customers do. Prime members drop an average of $1,500 a year, compared with the $625 spent on average by non-Prime members, according to a new report from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners. The same research group estimated...

Authors Recalibrate for Tight Book Market

Slow money is better than no money, or so it appears from the 2015 Digital Book World and Writer’s Digest Author Survey. Authors in this year’s sample who self-published their work were more likely to be satisfied than their traditionally published counterparts by more modest earnings. One reason why, writes Dana...

China publishing ebooks publishers

Mobile Boom Spurs Ebook Growth in China

One of China’s largest booksellers reports its customers bought 60 million ebooks in 2014. That’s about 20% the volume of its hardcover sales but a share that’s risen by 10% since the previous year. As industry experts have said repeatedly over the past year, China’s book market is growing fast. And ebooks in...

indie authors Digital Book World Writer's Digest self-publishing

How Authors Balance Risks and Rewards

When authors sign contracts with publishers, exactly what is given and what’s expected in return? What do publishers and indie authors do that makes some of them successful and others less so? The results of the 2015 Digital Book World and Writer’s Digest Author Survey are in, and they lay the...

subscription ebooks Bookmate Oyster Scribd Kindle Unlimited

Subscription Ebook Race Gets More Global

Bookmate adds 200,000 English-language titles as the subscription ebook competition heats up internationally, why print and ebook sales cycles may be diverging, agency's return makes little dent on the best-seller list and much more.
mobile DBW15 publishers ebooks

Mobile Moves to the Center

How the mobile boom is driving a number of trends in a digital landscape where ebook growth has stalled, a full recap of Digital Book World 2015 conference coverage, Amazon reassures authors on Kindle Unlimited, data on authors' earnings and much more.
kids e-reading ebooks DBW15 children's publishers PlayCollective

Kids Gain Control Over Their E-Reading

Why more children's publishers are training their focus on kids themselves rather than their parents, Macmillan enters a shifting subscription ebook landscape, Penguin Publishing Group reshuffles upper ranks and more news from DBW15.

Doors Open at Digital Book World 2015

Kicking off three days of insights, debate and conversation at the most jam-packed Digital Book World ever, Simon & Schuster launches online video series, why going direct is such tough going, the return of agency ebook pricing and much more.
ebook reader data Jellybooks Andrew Rhomberg DBW15

New Routes to Reader Data

An alternative approach to the fee-based, aggregated user data retailers occasionally supply, kids and parents figuring out where ebooks fit, the year in review for publishing M&A, Amazon's latest crowdsourcing plans and much more.
customer book publishers Rodale

Why 2015 Is the Year of the Customer

Rodale Books Publisher Mary Ann Naples agrees with Seth Godin that publishers must rethink their customer relationships, the can- and can't-do's of data-based publishing, Recorded Books bulks up and much more.
ebooks Amazon iBooks Kindle Apple

Talking Ebooks with Apple and Amazon

Leaders at the two biggest ebook retailers to take the stage next week at Digital Book World 2015, Smaswords increases output, sizing up supply-and-demand in the digital market, Scribd raises $22 million, what's next for Nook and more.
Amazon Prime Kindle Fire e-reader

Amazon Counts Year-End Gains

Amazon adds 10 million new Prime members and says device sales grew by leaps and bounds this holiday season, assessing authors' Kindle Unlimited qualms, Kobo aims to upsell erstwhile Sony loyalists with new devices and more.
digital book marketing ebooks

Three Steps to Better Book Marketing

Three ways to upgrade your book marketing tactics for the vastness and vagaries of the digital marketplace, Amazon's one-hour delivery service scores high, e-commerce driving supply chain innovation and much more.