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Mike Shatzkin is Founder & CEO of The Idea Logical Company, Co-Founder and CEO of the Logical Marketing Agency, and a Partner at Publishers Launch Conferences. In that role he has also been the Program Chair for every one of the six annual Digital Book World Conferences (with the 7th coming up March 7-9, 2016). In his 50+ years in publishing, he has played almost all the roles: bookseller, author, agent, production director, sales and marketing director, and for nearly four decades, a consultant. His insights about how the industry functions and how it accommodates digital change are published regularly in his blog, The Shatzkin Files.

How Publishers Need to Rethink Marketing

How Publishers Need to Rethink Marketing

There have been two enduring realities about the marketing publishers have always done for their books. Marketing copy, starting with the descriptions of books publishers created for all purposes, was done by somebody with real knowledge of what was inside the book. The conviction has always been that intimate knowledge of what is in...