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Matt Goolding is Head of Digital Marketing at Ribbonfish, a London-based company that creates cloud enterprise apps for major publishers in the UK and the US. Ribbonfish develops tools to help publishers adopt an agile approach, improve processes, and build a closer bond with their customers.

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Dutch Encouragement: An Interview with Joost Nijsen of Podium

For this latest Indie Innovation entry, I spoke to Joost Nijsen, the renowned founder and owner of successful Dutch independent publishing house, Podium. Having recently moved to the Netherlands myself, I wanted to explore the publishing industry in this small yet influential country. Since 1997, Nijsen has built a strong and enduring reputation in...

Octane Press

Octane Press: Accelerating Growth Through a Niche Output

Most featured publishers in this series have some sort of niche. Indeed, many smaller publishing houses around the world benefit from a narrower focus than the big guys do, picking up enthusiasts in very specific areas of interest. And the interest area of today’s featured publisher isn’t for everyone, that’s for sure. Octane Press...

Fahrenheit Press

Lighting It Up with Fahrenheit Press

Of all the independent publishers I’ve spoken to recently, Chris McVeigh of Fahrenheit Press stands out as one of the most outrageous. He won’t mind me saying that, I’m sure. “Indie Innovation” is about featuring smaller publishers that are doing things a bit differently, and when I heard about Fahrenheit Press’s mantra, it was...

One Third Stories

Learning the Lingo: An Interview with One Third Stories

In this series of conversations with independent publishers, we’ll hear from some truly innovative people. These people are making waves, throwing shapes and shaking up different areas of the publishing industry. It’s rewarding to speak with entrepreneurs who love what they do and believe in their mission. Last month, I was alerted to the...

Influx Press

Londoners on a Mission: An Interview with Influx Press

While larger publishers continue to play a major role in shaping our industry, it is the smaller independent publishing houses that are pushing the boundaries more than ever. Many critics suggest that the heavyweights have become risk-averse, focusing instead on sure-fire wins, such as sequels and established authors. What’s more, some would argue that...

A Look at How Three Publishers Are Doing It

Three Brilliant Publishers Doing Things Differently

The publishing industry has encountered plenty of change in the past decade, most acutely due to the consumers’ mass adoption of digital content, which has been widely reported. Accordingly, the old stalwarts have been forced to adapt in a competitive environment, and this has opened up opportunities for smaller, more agile publishing groups to...

The Growth and Effectiveness of Interactive Ebooks for Learning

The Growth and Effectiveness of Interactive Ebooks for Learning

Technology continues to revolutionize the way we go about our daily lives, and every generation benefits from enhanced learning experiences in their youth and beyond. Chalkboards have become smartboards, homework is accessible through online portals, and tablets have become a legitimate tool for education in the classroom. Furthermore, home learning has been significantly changed...