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Mads is the CEO of Bibblio, an API platform helping knowledge publishers deliver smarter content enrichment and discovery tools. Previously Mads worked at Danish group video startup goviral. Through the early years of online video they handled syndication for a wide range of the world's largest brands. As the first employee in the London office he worked closely with the founders during the company's rapid growth to 135 people and eventual sale to AOL for $96.7m in 2011. After the acquisition, Mads continued as Planning Director for AOL Video International, where he contributed to multiple Cannes Lions winning campaigns such as The Epic Split with Jean Claude Van Damme, and helped launch the AolOn and BeOn brands. In May 2014 he left Aol with two former colleagues to start Bibblio.

We Must Stop Wasting Time in the Attention Economy

Stop Wasting Time in the Attention Economy

For many people, web browsers and phone screens have grown to become the main sources of information. To that end, there’s a constant and massive stream of media arriving on our screens. We live in a cutthroat attention economy. As a result, every product will get more persuasive over time. Facebook must become more...