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Kevin Callahan, a designer, speaker, writer, and teacher in New York City, operates BNGO Books, a print + digital design and production studio ( He edits, and his course on Creating Fixed-Layout Ebooks for the Kindle can be viewed on Follow him on Twitter: @BNGObooks.

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Some Tips to Make Your Ebook Look Great

In my previous post, I offered a few ideas on how to make ebooks feel unique by taking advantage of some visual design cues. But I neglected to mention one crucial step: test, test, test your EPUB and MOBI files on multiple devices and apps. A simple example: try using a very light blue...

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How to Make Ebook Design Count

I got into the ebook development game when a typesetting client was seeing terrible results from their machine-made ebooks. Content was garbled and the books were ugly. It was impossible to open a book and tell what you were reading. So it became my mission to create ebooks that were nice-looking individuals, just like...

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How to Find the Best Ebook Format

As a book designer, I understand the desire to mirror a book’s print design with its ebook counterpart. But as an ebook reader and developer, I know that print publications are different enough from their digital versions that one design does not always fit both purposes. In this and following posts, I’ll discuss how...