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Karen Commins is a professional audiobook narrator who has given voice to over 50 audiobooks. In addition to earning a BA in broadcast journalism, Karen has completed extensive specialized training in voiceover and audiobook narration technique, as well as digital audio production. Visit her website to hear demos, see a list of her titles, and watch a video demonstration of her stunning soundproof studio. For more audiobook news, follow Karen on Twitter and her Facebook page.

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Authors, Can You Afford to Produce an Audiobook?

One of the first questions that indie authors and small- to mid-size publishers ask me about audiobook production is, “How much does it cost?” My answer is always, “It depends.” Producing an audiobook is like building a house: your choices dictate your final cost. Each recording is custom-made rather than mass-produced. When people contact...

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How Amazon and Audible Are Pushing Audiobooks into the Mainstream

In reading DBW’s recent interview with Hugh Howey, I was surprised that he never mentioned audiobooks even though he obviously believes in the format. Howey has 37 audiobook titles on, and he published at least 16 of them personally. Howey’s remarks about Amazon made me think about the company’s tremendous influence on the...

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Make Audiobook Creation Your Goal for 2016

Recently, an author commented in a writer’s forum that he was just starting to create audiobooks and felt like he was coming late to the party. I could understand why he’d feel that way. After all, news sites and other authors often discuss the explosive growth in the audiobook market, noting that this industry...

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4 Ways Planning Your Audiobook Can Make You a Better Writer

As an audiobook narrator, I encourage every author to get her work into audio. However, regardless of whether you ever want to create audiobooks of your titles, these four tips from other authors about planning your audiobook will make you a better writer. 1. Listen to audiobooks. This first piece of advice surprises many writers....