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Jeremy Greenfield is the editorial director of Digital Book World. Opinions presented here are his own. Read more of his work here.

When Ebooks Meet Book Art

The Center for Book Arts takes a digital turn, Taschen’s ebook artistry, Books-A-Million selling fewer books, insight into the Arab reading world and more.

Innovative Publishing Out of Italy’s Rizzoli

Italy isn’t known as a hotbed of digital publishing innovation or activity. In fact, ebooks only account for somewhere around 4% of publisher revenue in the country, according to Marcello Vena, director of digital business at RCS Libri, which owns …

UK Digital Publishers Have Caught up to U.S.

I went to the London Book Fair last week expecting to find a vibrant digital publishing market, albeit one a year or so behind that in the U.S. In speaking with nearly a dozen prominent digital publishing observers, executives and …

Amazon Publishing: Authors Are Customers

When book publishers consider their customers, historically, they were stores that retailed books. As of recently, with the distance between publisher and reader now measured in electrons, readers have entered the mix as customers publishers relate with regularly. And with …

Ebooks Way Too Cheap?

One content pricing consultant’s analysis, taking the tally of best-selling ebooks, estimating Kindle ebook sales, Hachette appoints a new executive editor and more.

Another One Bites the Dust

DropBox buys Readmill, IPR License launches a global licensing platform, Apple’s potential legal penalties triple, Kobo’s stay of execution in Canadian court and more.

When Kids Write Book Reviews

Between Amazon, Goodreads, Tumblr, the New York Times and the New York Review of Books, it’s not hard to find book reviews. But what about real reviews written by real readers of books for children under 13? Biblionasium, the “Goodreads” …

Divergent Does Hunger Games Impression

Veronica Roth’s Divergent series is mimicking The Hunger Games. The trilogy has continued to lead the ebook best-seller list all year. And in a first this week, it swept all top three spots. The first Divergent movie, due out March …

Nook’s Smart International Move

If you’re an author in Germany, France, Spain and several other European countries and want to self-publish an ebook to the Nook ebook store, now you can. Nook Press, the company’s self-publishing platform, has been launched in the UK, France, Germany, …