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Jason Illian is the founder and CEO of BookShout!, a direct relationship retailer that helps publishers and authors sell, promote, and build audiences around books. Based in Dallas, TX, BookShout! focuses on special sales, promotional campaigns, and empowering authors and brands with new discoverability and sales tools through its retail ecosystem.

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Amazon, Ebooks and the Lack of Innovation

It’s 2016. We are landing rockets on floating platforms in the ocean. Engineers are developing high-speed transportation systems in which pressured capsules ride on air cushions facilitated by linear induction motors. A network of high-altitude Wi-Fi balloons is being designed to float on the edge of space so that everyone on the planet can...

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Facebook: The World’s Largest Bookstore?

A month or so ago, Facebook reported its earnings for the fourth quarter of 2015, and let’s just say they crushed the ball. Knocked the cover off. Pointed to the bleachers and then hit it out of the park. The big moneymaker was its burgeoning video ad business. Facebook states that people are watching...

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The (Real) Future of Publishing

My seven-year-old is a voracious reader. Long gone are the days when I had to read something to him or hope that he missed the inappropriate language spray-painted on a street sign. Now I’m in the process of teaching him that not everything he reads is true or completely accurate. And the same can...