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George Logan has been in publishing for over 30 years. He is currently Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Klopotek North America. Prior to Klopotek, he held IT management positions at Simon & Schuster and Pearson Education. He has also worked as an IT professional for various media companies, including ABC, Sirius Radio and Radio Computing Services. George is Klopotek’s representative to BISG and a regular attendee at industry shows and events.

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Everything Publishers Need to Know About Business Intelligence

The concept behind this article was to share the experiences that I and others have had managing and implementing business intelligence (BI) and reporting solutions. To help out, I asked some former colleagues to contribute their thoughts. The contributors are Ralph Cetrulo, Vince Benenati and Joe Rodriguez. Their bios are below:...

A Brief History of Sales Channels

A Brief History of Sales Channels

One definition I‘ve seen and like of a “sales channel” is “a method of distribution used by a business to sell its product.” The digital age we are currently in has certainly spawned a multitude of new sales channels, yet they still fall into two basic categories, whether you’re doing B2B...