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Deanna Utroske is the Content Producer at Digital Book World and an active member of New York Women in Communications, where she serves on the Integrated Marketing & Communications Committee. Previously, Deanna worked in the editorial office of Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society, a publication of the University of Chicago Press.

10 Tips for Cost-Effective Multilingual Marketing

Digital publishing is by its nature an international venture. Reaching an international and multilingual readership with your content and marketing initiatives can present quite the challenge, however. Nicole Fonovich, president of Luca Lashes LLC knows about multilingual marketing. The company …

Delighting Readers With Adjacent Content

Chinese publishers and the digital future, Oyster’s iPad app, CCC simplifies content republication, School Zone Publishing debuts kids’ tablet, Scott Schulman to be Rodale’s new president and more!

Oyster’s iPad App

Today Oyster Books launched an iPad app. In an email to DBW, a company spokes person described the app interface: “With an emphasis on superior user experience, Oyster’s elevated design and typography are re-imagined for the iPad. A custom dark …

Beneath The Ink: A Portal To Adjacent Content

Fully digital reading experiences remain an exception, not the rule. Yet readers of all stripes are inclined to go digital—Google it!—when searching for resource material or expanded second-screen-style media experiences. To mitigate the disconnect between the printed book and relevant …

Average Ebook Best-Seller Price Climbs Higher

This week, Liane Moriarty’s The Husband’s Secret gained three spots to overtake last week’s number 1, Killing Jesus: A History by Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard, which landed in the number 5 spot just behind Elizabeth Smart’s My Story. With …

Could Self-Censorship Save Self-Publishing?

Unoffending self-published ebooks caught in Kobo’s dragnet, Pearson’s new app makes print textbooks interactive, ebook network Widbook opens U.S. office, Frankfurt Book Fair turnout down slightly and more!

Screen Time With Ebooks May Be Good For Kids

Frankfurt re-assesses the digital publishing transition, digital backlist marketing, Indonesia to be honored at Frankfurt 2015, Carrefour to debut new preloaded e-readers, digital comics better than textbooks? and more!

How Creative Tech Leaders Shape Publishing

With evermore new technical developments and innovations, digital publishing presents a real opportunity for creative tech leaders to shape the future in useful and interesting ways. Andrea Colvin is one such leader. Colvin is Vice President of Content and the …

Five Digital Channel Management Challenges Facing Publishers

Five big challenges face publishers as they leverage readership, customers, and authors, according to Mary Dolan, Director of Sales at Harvard Business Review Press: 1. Balancing direct sales and e-tail partners Currently, HBR’s largest channel of digital sales is Amazon …

Ebook Best-Seller Average Price Gains Nearly $2

It’s been over a month since ebook best-seller prices averaged in the $7.00 – $8.00 range. While last week saw a slight up tick, this week the average price gained nearly $2.00 to arrive at $7.77. Penguin Random House titles …

Ebook Best-Sellers $10 and Above Week Ending 9-22-13

Ebook best-sellers from the week ending 9/22: – Top 25 Best-Selling Ebooks – Top Selling Ebooks: $8.00 – $9.99 – Top Selling Ebooks: $3.00 – $7.99 – Top Selling Ebooks: $0.00 – $2.99 Top 10 Ebook Best-Sellers | $10 and …

Half of Russian Kids are Reading Digitally

A new study from Digital Parenting Russia and Tvidi.Ru, a substantial internet platform for children between 6 and 16 year of age, conducted a survey earlier this summer on the e-reading habits of Russian kids. Related: Back to School in …

A Consumer Publishing Approach to Ebooks

Where ebook subscriptions fit in the publishing ecosystem, Julie Blattberg joins Open Road, Amazon’s standing in the UK ebook market, Simon & Schuster not for sale, in 2020 the book market will be 75% digital and more!

Children Reading Digitally

No buyer for Nook, RUP teams with McIntosh & Otis on ebook rights, Smashwords launches series discovery tool, Kaplan EdTech introduces 10 startups to investors and more!

Ebook Best-Sellers $10 and Above Week Ending 9-8-13

Ebook best-sellers from the week ending 9/8: – Top 25 Best-Selling Ebooks – Top Selling Ebooks: $8.00 – $9.99 – Top Selling Ebooks: $3.00 – $7.99 – Top Selling Ebooks: $0.00 – $2.99 Top 10 Ebook Best-Sellers | $10 and …

Digital Educational Media Today

Ed tech company Desire2Learn acquires LeaP, e-textbooks depend on tech infrastructure, Wiley reports 2014 Q1 results, content licensing can ease publishers’ digital transition, e-readers bring countless books to students in Kade, Ghana and more!

Finding Excellence in Educational Digital Publishing

Innovation, design, usability, content, consistency and excellence are all key elements of successful digital publishing projects, and educational digital publishing is no exception. The 2014 Digital Book Awards (formerly known as the Publishing Innovation Awards) are now open for nominations. …

Creative Professionals Bring Digital Enhancements to Life

Traditionally published authors are increasingly partnering with production companies and using social media in new ways to drive market attention to their titles. Notably, it’s the creative professionals beyond the author and book-content folks that make these social and digital …

Finding Impressive Digital Books

Harlequin announces digital first program, web-based book review show Read This! launches, free ebook with print purchase, the slow shift to e-textbooks and much more!