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David Wilk has worked successfully in almost every aspect of publishing and book distribution in both print and digital environments. He is currently Publisher of digital children’s book startup Frederator Books, and provides strategic and practical publishing services to authors, publishers, media companies and nonprofits through Booktrix. Websites include (blog is there), (author and book videos), (podcasts), (digital publishing), and

Eight Reasons Indie Bookstores Should Work With Amazon Source

Co-opetition: Cooperative competition. Practice where competitors work with each other on project-to-project, joint venture, or co-marketing basis. When Amazon announced its new Source program, giving independent booksellers the opportunity to sell Kindle devices and ebooks in return for a small bounty, the news was not greeted with any great enthusiasm by the booksellers. Independent...

Why it’s Too Early for Publishers to Give up on Media-Rich Ebooks

Some observers of digital publishing have questioned why the many powerful tablets in the market have not brought forth a new generation of media-rich ebooks that delight readers with new forms of digital reading experiences. Meanwhile the current common wisdom among publishers is that there is no viable market for what have become known...

The Positive Economics of Ebook Bundling and Amazon’s MatchBook

Ebook bundling is not a new concept. Offering readers a low cost or even free ebook when they purchase a print book has been discussed widely in the book business ever since the advent of ebooks. At least a few independent publishers have experimented with bundling, albeit with modest or little success. That is...