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Dan Kern, Founder & Principal Consultant at Kern Media, is an SEO veteran with 10+ years of experience, having worked both in-house and on the agency side. He loves helping companies, SMBs, and bloggers improve their traffic and revenue. Follow Kern Media on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus for more SEO and inbound marketing advice.

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5 Traffic-Growing On-Page Optimization Techniques for Publishers

If you’ve read my previous article on keyword research, you’re probably ready to put your optimization efforts into action. Quite possibly the most important part of SEO is content creation, and the optimization of that content. In this article, I’m going to offer some insider tips on how to optimize your content and prepare...

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Topic (Keyword) Research & Analysis Insights for Publishers

In this article, you’re going to get an insider look at how to effectively research and analyze keywords for print and online publishing. The data that you have at your disposal is incredible, and it’s vital that a publisher extract all the knowledge it can from understanding how its target audience seeks out topics...

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The Importance of SEO Training for Editorial Teams

Search engines typically represent one of the largest—if not the largest—traffic sources for websites and online publishers, in particular. And publishing houses’ editorial teams hold the keys to this traffic, so it only makes sense to align their efforts with a content strategy that is backed by keyword and topic search volume data. For...