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Chris Sim is the founder and CEO of Kadaxis, a data science startup focused on the publishing industry, based in New York City. Prior to Kadaxis, Chris launched as CTO, and authored a patent for a literary recommendation engine. Before joining the publishing world, he built and sold a popular Facebook application, and has held leadership roles in technology at companies such as IBM, PwC, Lloyds Bank and BUPA.

How Do Keywords Impact Sales?

The question I receive most often from publishers is: “How do keywords impact sales?” While adding keywords to book metadata is considered best-practice, publishing businesses are naturally more interested in whether the practice will increase revenue. Keywords in this context are ‘off-page’ keywords, which are sent to retailers in an ONIX...

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Machine Learning and Bestseller Prediction: More Than Words Can Say

There’s been much recent conjecture on whether book sales can be predicted by text analysis alone. My company, Kadaxis, has dedicated the past few years to machine learning research and product development for the publishing industry. In our early days, we set out to build an algorithm to predict bestsellers, and...