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About Bill McCoy

Bill McCoy has served since 2011 as Executive Director of the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF), the trade association that develops the EPUB standard interchange and delivery format for digital publications. Bill also serves as President of the Readium Foundation, a consortium developing open source software for EPUB and the Open Web Platform. Prior to joining IDPF, Bill was General Manager, Digital Publishing at Adobe Systems. Previously he was Founder and CEO of PictureIQ Corporation (acquired by Eastman Kodak), Director of Core Technology at Adobe, and held various other engineering and product management and development roles at Adobe and Xerox. Bill has a degree in Computer Science from University of California, Berkeley. He has been involved in publishing technology for nearly 30 years, and has contributed to the establishment of numerous widely-adopted standards including PostScript, PDF, SVG, OpenType and EPUB.


Why the IDPF-W3C Merger Will Be Great for EPUB and the Book Industry

NOTE: The following represents personal opinion, not that of IDPF or W3C. A self-appointed “Save the IDPF, Save EPUB” committee has recently formed to publicly attack the IDPF/W3C combination plan and announce a campaign of its own with the goal “to keep the IDPF going as a standalone trade organization.” This group sees the...