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Anders Breinholst is the co-founder of, which builds whitelabel online bookstores for publishers and media companies. Among others, is the technology behind market-leading Scandinavian ebook stores, and In 2010, Anders co-founded the online ebook store Riidr, which was sold to the large Danish based media company JP/Politikens Hus. For many years, Anders has been commenting on the ever-changing environment of the digital transition that the publishing business is in.

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How the Film Industry Could Change Book Publishing

Since 2005, multiple business models have been flourishing in the Scandinavian ebook market. With Storytel’s acquisition of its Danish rival subscription service provider Mofibo earlier this year, the large Northern European player is leading the way for the next generation of subscription services in the book industry. However, as seen in the music industry,...

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Big Data Is Coming to the Publishing Industry

Publishers are increasingly using big data to help them sell their book rights internationally. As the ebook market has grown over the last few years, so has the amount of data available to online retailers and publishers. Traditionally, though, publishers have not been able to get exact user or reader statistics. The digitization of...

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Library Loans Are a Double-Edged Sword

Denmark experienced rapid growth in digital lending from libraries between 2011 and 2015. At first this was a welcome source of new revenue for publishers. But by the middle of 2015, the digital lending market had grown even larger than the commercial market for digital book sales. Similar to the New York Public Library...

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How Franchise Book Chains Can Survive Disruption

In 2010, the well-known movie rental franchise chain Blockbuster filed for bankruptcy—a sad ending to an otherwise very successful venture that, at its peak, in 2004, had more than 9.000 stores around the world. Unfortunately, some bookstores will suffer the same fate. But which ones will they be? Bookstores face inevitable challenges and changes...