What is the QED?

The QED stands for Quality, Excellence, Design. It’s the “Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval” for ebooks and enhanced ebooks.QED seal

All recipients of the QED have passed a thorough, independent 13-point quality assurance test across multiple formats and devices. See here for the QED criteria.

Developed by Digital Book World, with support from leading ebook retailers and industry associations, the QED is a signal to the readers of your client’s ebooks that the book will render beautifully on any screen on which they choose to read.

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Why would I want to go through the QED process to earn the seal?

It is no secret that there are conversion challenges for many types of books and that it is common to find poorly formatted ebooks in the market. Many ebooks today are created without an eye for design and cross-platform functionality. The result is that readers have no guarantee that the ebooks they purchase are held to the same exacting standards as their print counterparts.

The QED is an important indication to a potential reader that you understand the importance of a good reading experience and have made a commitment to ensure the highest quality.

We know you care about the user experience for your titles. That is why every title is reviewed by hand by digital publishing professionals with expertise in the area of digital publishing across multiple platforms. By adding the QED seal to your titles, you gain a distinction that enhances the appeal of your ebooks.

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What is the benefit of earning a QED seal?

The QED guarantees to a reader that your ebook is of high quality. In a crowded marketplace, a QED seal signals quality, and your readers will take notice. It’s that simple.

Ebook readers make their purchase decisions quickly. The QED helps your customers immediately recognize your ebook’s readability so they can purchase with confidence. QED compliant titles can add the QED Seal and descriptive language to the product description, increasing conversions for your product page visitors.

Every title that passes the QED checklist will be able to have a QED seal added to the ebook cover. When potential customers see an ebook’s cover reduced to a small thumbnail in search results, the golden QED can make it pop.

Finally, QED compliance can also assist in your marketing efforts by enhancing your book’s chances of being recommended. According to research provider Mintel, 55% of consumers consider quality as a primary motivator to recommend a product to friends.

You can submit your ebook for QED evaluation here.

How can I use the QED seal?

Recipients of the QED are entitled to use the seal on their ebook cover, in its front matter, on its product description page on ebook retailers, on your own web pages and blogs, and in all marketing and publicity efforts for the title.

Many publishers announce their QED compliance through press releases, blog entries, and/or social media. Clients may use the following language anywhere ebooks are promoted: “This title has received a QED seal for quality in ebook design. It can be read easily on screens both large and small.”

Here’s how to submit your ebook for QED certification.

What is the QED’s relation to the Digital Book Awards?

Only ebooks that have passed the QED are qualified to be judged for a Digital Book Award. Unless the reading experience meets QED standards, the title entered into the competition never reaches the judging stage.

The Digital Book Awards has become an award all publishers and authors aspire to receive. The DBAs are awarded across 13 categories at the Digital Book World Conference + Expo in New York City. The awards are highly competitive and sought after so it is important to earn the QED seal to have a chance at the distinction of being a DBA winner.

Past winners of the Publishing Innovation Awards in the ebook and enhanced ebook categories include Decoded by Jay-Z, Eva Scrivo’s On Beauty, and Meggs’ History of Graphic Design, 5th Edition. See the full list of 2014 winners here.