Un-box the Magic of Book Box Subscription Services

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It may be the Digital Age, but brown paper packages tied up in string are still many people’s favorite thing. I’m not sure this love affair with cardboard delivery will dissipate anytime soon, either. The Amazonian era had the potential to numb our reactions, or at least dim our discovery-of-a-box-on-our-doorstep squeal to a lower decibel (even our inner-squeals). But I think the Big River E-Store only increased our love for boxes even more.

Especially boxes filled with books.

This is where our romantic adventure into book box subscription services begins, with a cleverly designed boutique box, preferably with a flip lid. No foam peanuts or inflated balloon insulation. We’ll relegate those innards to corporate chic. Rather, envision an ample nest of crimped paper shreds in a kaleidoscope of carefully selected colors and the ordered object of desire wrapped in tissue and sealed with a logo sticker that inspires our hearts to flutter. With a sigh of deep satisfaction, we grab our phones and capture the magic as the “un-boxing” begins.

Now, imagine that ordered object of desire is your book. And the internet is an explosion of heart-eyes over the cover and thematic swag, while continually gushing on how they can’t wait to read your story. As an author, there is very little else that resembles a Red Carpet moment. The box is your gown. The packaging your jewels. All the subscribers become your ready-made adoring fans behind the rope while also doubling as the paparazzi to capture and post your book’s image all over the internet. Can you hear the buzz?