Study Finds Cloud-Based Piracy Protection Drives Increase in Sales

DigimarcThanks to years of digitization efforts throughout the publishing industry, ebooks are now widely available and the cost to readers to access them is lower than ever. Digital reading is here to stay.

A notable consequence of this trend, however, has been the explosive rise in online piracy—a challenge that many publishers have struggled to address with traditional anti-piracy approaches.

As a result, many publishers are shifting their focus to aggressive web-based anti-piracy strategies, which leverage metadata to identify potential infringements, assess appropriate use and automate decisive action, such as takedown notices and search-engine delisting. The goal of these tactics is to curb piracy before significant revenue is lost.

A recent report published in the University of Chicago’s Journal of Law and Economics examines the economic impact of online piracy protection on publisher profits. The comprehensive analysis, conducted by a renowned Northeastern University economics professor, attributes double-digit growth in RosettaBooks’ revenue to the impact of deploying Digimarc’s Guardian content protection solutions and the service provider’s effectiveness at preventing pirates from siphoning sales.

The study is available for free download here.

By reading this academic study, you will understand:

• the factors influencing piracy and trends to expect moving forward.
• data-based insights that reveal how online anti-piracy efforts impact revenue across book popularity, genre and search frequency.
• the advantages of commercial, cloud-based piracy protections over legislative and legal efforts.

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