Searching for Review Blogs Just Got a Lot Easier

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“There are plenty of bloggers who review indie books,” a backseat publicist has likely told you at some point. And they’re kind of right. But while book bloggers are a massive online community, most of them can only read a finite number of books each year. To stand the best chance of getting reviews, you need to spend your resources targeting only the bloggers who are looking for books like yours.

But who’s got the time to track them all down?

Reedsy and their team of editors have recently launched a new directory of the Best Book Review Blogs of 2017. It’s an interactive online tool that allows authors to search through hundreds of active books blogs and filter by criteria such as genre and willingness to review self-published titles.

Find the perfect book review website in minutes
with this new searchable database.

Each review blog has a metadata-rich entry, allowing authors to quickly access the bloggers’ contact details, review policies. It also provides information on the reviewers’ average monthly visits, so you have an instant ballpark figure for the exposure you can expect from a review.

Reedsy’s team regularly update the directory, adding more review blogs as they come to light — while removing those which have gone quiet. If you’re about to start the publicity cycle for your next book, make sure you head over to the site and save yourself a few hours of frustrating blog research.