London, UK, July 25, 2017– The recent media storm about the gender disparity in BBC salaries plus the looming deadline of April 2018 for companies to publish pay data have put the issue of women’s pay at the top of the news agenda. Former publishing executive Nancy Roberts (previously Global Operations Director at Cambridge University Press) has founded Business Inclusivity, a consultancy aimed at helping publishers to address issues of gender inequality in a way which supports business goals.

Publishing is a female-dominated industry, but sadly this doesn’t necessarily translate into equitable treatment of women at senior levels. I want to use my experience to help women achieve success in the industry, and to enable publishers to leverage the proven business benefits of a more inclusive workplace.
Nancy Roberts, Founder, Business Inclusivity

Business Inclusivity uses a unique data-driven approach to identifying opportunities to increase inclusion, and turns these insights into initiatives which support an organization’s wider strategic objectives. As a social enterprise, profits are reinvested to support women in the workplace through business advice and executive coaching.

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Nancy Roberts at 020 3883 8305 or email