How to Invent Your Future in 2017

dbw, digital book world conferenceBack in 2001, I had the good fortune to work for a software startup where I gained a valuable insight into how different levels of working professionals view the future.

I was receiving some intensive sales training from the CEO, who had spent many years leading B2B sales for one of America’s largest software companies. The core of the insight—really quite obvious to me now—was that professionals at different levels in the organization have different priorities and time horizons when it comes to how they view their responsibilities.

Managers and those below them spend most of their efforts on short-term objectives—sometimes three or six months out, but more often tasks that must be completed by the end of the day, week or month. Directors and VPs devoted substantially more of their time to pursuing opportunities and addressing problems that may not bear fruit for six months or even a year or more. And at the most senior levels, the best CEOs and other C-suite executives looked for initiatives that will give them strategic options two, three or even five years out.

To paraphrase Miles’s Law: “What you see depends on where you sit.”

Much more.

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Digital Marketing and Amazon Are Two Challenges for Publishers in 2017 (Mike Shatzkin)
I am getting ready to attend my first Digital Book World as a “civilian” (having programmed and moderated the first seven), Thinking about DBW entails recognizing how different the book publishing world today is from what I expected three or six years ago. Be that as it may, the big challenges for the industry — how to change marketing to hit customers who are mostly learning what to buy online (which, as you’ll see, is well covered) and how to cope with the steadily growing market share that is Amazon’s — remain the ones I would have anticipated.

New Year, New Book Marketing Plans for 2017 (BookBub)
With the year just beginning, now’s a great time to review your book marketing plans for the coming months and determine if there are any new promotional tools you’d like to try. BookBub offers several book marketing tools for our partners to promote their books, and each option has its own benefits. Whether you’re looking to increase a book’s revenue, reach hundreds of new readers, or just start building your following on BookBub, this guide can help you determine which option might be your best bet!

Divisions in a New Year of Books (Pub Perspectives)
Funny thing about freedom of expression: it’s a lot easier to rally for it when someone is saying what you want to hear. And international book publishing has found itself faced with a wrenching demonstration of this as 2017 opens.

HarperCollins Takes Full Ownership of HarperCollins Brazil (PW)
HarperCollins Publishers has purchased the remaining shares of HarperCollins Brasil, a 10-year joint venture with the Brazilian publisher Ediouro, and will take full ownership of the house, with plans to move its headquarters to Rio de Janeiro’s financial center.

Profits Rose by Double Digits at HBG (PW)
In a letter sent to employees Tuesday, Hachette Book Group USA CEO Michael Pietsch said the company had accomplished its primary objective of growing in 2016. The purchase of the publishing division of the Perseus Books Group increased HBG’s revenue by about 15 percent and added to the company’s nonfiction and backlist offerings, Pietsch said.


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