How Agent Life Is Changing in 2017

agents, authors, publishers, booksA panel of literary agents met at Digital Book World 2017 for a lively discussion about the issues and concerns surrounding agents today. The panel had expertise in a range of genres and target audiences, and included Ginger Clark, Brian DeFiore, Regina Brooks, Laura Nolan and Christy Fletcher. John Mutter moderated.

Here is a snapshot of some of the topics that are affecting agency life in the new year:

1. Agency mergers. As news of recent mergers has arisen, the agents pondered whether this is a trend. The reason for mergers, it was said, can be simply that similar agents believe they can work well together and share resources.

2. Agency size. When asked whether the size of an agency made a difference, the panel offered the suggestion that size may not really matter. Some small agencies have great taste and handle their clients with care. What it comes down to is the preference for the agent and the author: some prefer larger, more formal agencies, while others prefer smaller, more hands-on agencies.

Much more.

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