Here’s Everything Publishers Need to Know About Business Intelligence

business intelligence, data, analytics, publishersThe concept behind this article was to share the experiences that I and others have had managing and implementing business intelligence (BI) and reporting solutions. To help out, I asked some former colleagues to contribute their thoughts.

I have been involved on the project management end of several large-scale BI projects, and more recently have sold analytics and reporting as part of the solutions I offer to the publishing community. This group has amassed a wealth of experience selling and implementing BI and reporting solutions.

I assembled a series of questions that I posed to my three contributors, as I wanted to know what they felt was a measure of success in a project. I often think most users only need operational data to fulfill their goals, so I wondered how much longer organizations would needlessly print reams and reams of reports.

I had heard that a Gartner ranking was proportional to the amount of money spent on them and questioned the validity of the “quadrant.” I asked about choice of tools and whether a survey or post-mortem after a project was worthwhile.

These and other questions, along with the answers, are found below.

Much more.

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5 Questions with George Kerscher, CIO, Daisy Consortium (DBW)
George Kerscher is the chief innovations officer of Daisy Consortium, as well as a senior advisor for global literacy at Benetech, and president of the International Digital Publishing Forum. George is a recognized international leader in document access, as well as an advocate for semantically rich content which can be used effectively by everybody.

When a Story Ending Doesn’t Satisfy (Jane Friedman)
Years ago, when the first Lord of the Rings movie came out, I was so compelled by the storytelling that I decided I would read the trilogy in advance of the other movies releasing. This wasn’t exactly a mistake—the movies are hardly disappointing, quite the contrary—but I was angry at how the movie neatly tied a bow around the ending of the trilogy. It was too eager to satisfy. Critics even joked that the movie had three or four different endings, since it very methodically showed us the conclusion of each major character’s narrative arc.

A Day in the Life of a Marketing Manager (BookMachine)
Caoimhe O’Brien is Marketing Manager for Endeavour Press. Prior to this she was Endeavour’s Marketing Assistant, after working in the publicity and marketing department at Phaidon Press.

Russian Book Market Looks to Educational and Children’s Books (Pub Perspectives)
With book production down 40 percent in Russia, the country’s publishers are looking to favorable book pricing as a source of revenue growth in 2017.

Sourcebooks and March 4th Announce Strategic Partnership (DBW)
Sourcebooks has acquired from March 4th all publishing rights for Little Pickle Press, best known for creating books that relate meaningful, complex concepts to children.

HBG CEO Michael Pietsch Speaks at BIGNY President’s Night (PW)
The Book Industry Guild of New York held its annual President’s Night event at the Penguin Random House headquarters in New York on January 10. This year, the featured speaker was Hachette Book Group CEO Michael Pietsch, who spoke on his four-decade career in publishing, innovations in the industry, and what he refers to as the “great flattening,” or the industry-wide struggle to keep revenues from flatlining in an era that shows a pronounced lack of industry sales growth.

OptiQly Expands Management Team (DBW)
OptiQly, a marketing technology and services start-up focused on optimizing the display, marketing and sales of books and other products at online retailers, announced the expansion of their management team with two key hires: Didier Jean Charles as Director of Engineering and Susan Ruszala as VP of Sales.

AAP Names Maria A. Pallante as President and CEO (DBW)
The Association of American Publishers (AAP) announced that the former United States Register of Copyrights, Maria A. Pallante, will succeed Tom Allen who is retiring as President and CEO. Pallante, who will join AAP on January 17, 2017, is widely-known as an intellectual property expert with a distinguished record of public service.


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