Here Are 10 Best Practices for Using Bookseller Data

data, metadata, books, sales, bookstoresBooks with the power to move readers are the result of artistry, craft and intellectual pursuits. Because it is a fundamentally creative industry, publishing has sometimes valued expertise, ingenuity and inspiration over data. Today, though, the publishing industry is awash with data.

Data can offer valuable insights to help publishers connect authors with readers—and using data doesn’t need to be overwhelming.

At Digital Book World 2017, a panel of experts offered insights into some essential yet often overlooked uses of data in publishing. Kelly Gallagher, vice president of content acquisition at Ingram, led the panel that underscored the ways understanding 10 fundamental uses of data can drive growth and profitability in book sales.

The first three ways to use data were presented by Margaret Harrison, Ingram’s director of metadata services.

Much more.

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