Grow A Loyal Fan Base The LOFABA Way

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You can write the best book in the world but if you can’t build, grow, and keep an audience, it won’t matter much. As an author, you know this fact so you most likely do what the rest of us do, look for solutions by diving into the internet for assistance. Once there, you can drown in the thousands of articles of how to market your book.

With so much information, angles and viewpoints, marketing can be completely overwhelming. The result is that your focus becomes cloudy. It is this lack of clear focus that keeps many authors feeling powerless, helpless and unworthy. Just like you cannot find lingerie on the floor of the department store that is automotive, you will not find happiness, flow and success when you are drowning in too information. This unfocused energy flow is not a sustainable model for a successful writing career.

Your Marketing Garden

Let me give you a quick example. Let’s say you have a beautiful veggie and flower garden. To maintain this lovely garden you need to water it. If you just turn on the hose full blast without directing it, it will act like a convulsing snake, making a huge mess of things. It may actually even destroy your beautiful garden by thrashing into the plants and giving either too much, or not enough water to the plants.

A garden hose without focus is a disaster. Marketing your book falls into the exact same scenario, without focus your can create such a huge mess that you unmeaningfully destroy the whole thing yourself.

If you take a moment to look at the big picture, you realize one key fact. Clear, laser focus allows you to take your energy and direct it to where you will get the most return on your investment (ROI). Many know this but can’t seem to find a way to get the hose to flow in the direction they want because they cannot pick what they want. It all seems important. I can help you with that right now.

LOFABA: Your Loyal Fan Base

Let’s unpack this energetic fur ball of a situation and get some flow going on your book business. Let’s get right down to basics, shall we? First, we start with the end point in mind. Why is marketing important? OK, sounds like it’s too simple of a question but this is where the power is. Answer the question. Why is marketing important to you?

You can have many different answers but, ultimately, why you ever bother to market is so you create a loyal fan base (LOFABA). There is your main focus. Start here. By focusing first on building a LOFABA, you are better able to address your marketing questions. This is because you are starting wit your ultimate goal in mind and since everything flows from that point, when you ask a question, it’s a lot easier to answer.

LOFABA’s 3 Basic “BMI” Levels

A LOFABA is one of the most important and valuable assets you can have because it feeds every part of your book business cycle. To keep things simple, remember there are three basic levels of LOFABA development. I call it the BMI formula:

Level 1: B…  

Build a connection… Initiating connection points.

Your activating action: Activate curiosity and/or connection. Invite.

Level 2: M…

Maintain the connection… Returning on a regular basis.

Your activating action: Nurture the relationship. Continue adding value.

Level 3: I…   

Inspire them to bring others to that connection you with others (referrals, sharing posts, etc)… Inviting others to connect.

Your activating action: Ask. Give materials. Follow up.

Your Pipeline For Marketing Success

Your LOFABA is really your pipeline. Once built, each time you release a new book or product, you don’t have to re-invent the wheel. Most authors fail at this because their focus is on primarily the writing. If you want to be successful at your craft, don’t be like most authors. Build your BMI. If you are to grow and thrive, it’s this factor that supports your career as a successful author so you can feed your family, feel fulfilled and get your book in the hands of those who need to read it. In other words, you create a book business that makes the world a better place!

Author and Life Coach Maria Salomão-Schmidt, MBA was a guest on The Oprah Show. Maria has worked with Jack Canfield of ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul,’ Jane Goodall, Mikhail Gorbachev, CBS and Yahoo! She gives inspired talks, runs retreats and gives workshops around the world. Her ground-breaking book “Finally FULL of Yourself: Unlocking Her Spiritual DNA” contains the thirty years of her life’s research. You can order it from your local bookstore or Amazon. You can reach her at