3 Keys for Authors to Produce Engaging Social Media Content

social media, authors, contentThe goal of good social media content is interaction that leads to loyalty and trust. And the keys to good content are not a mystery. Marketing studies have been conducted on how people buy, what kinds of social media content they respond to, and why.

To sell books on social media, you need to make a connection to your reader. There are three important keys that will help.

Key 1: Be a Good Listener

The first key to creating content that engages your fans is being a good listener. Do you know what your fans want to talk about? What interests them? What are they following, posting about, commenting on?

There are two basic parts of being a good listener: knowing your audience and knowing what they are talking about. Keep up to date on your target group’s lifestyle trends. Are the bulk of your readers under 25 years old? Over 50? What are the issues and trends that age group is talking about? Be aware of their hot button issues, what they’re passionate about, what angers them, and how they spend their money. Pinpoint topics of conversation that dominate groups they’re in. What are their favorite TV shows and movies? Every generation has its stories. Know them.

Much more.

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DBW Conference 2017 Hosts All-Star Media Panel (DBW)
The 8th Annual Digital Book World, Jan. 17 – 19, 2017 in N.Y.C., features a panel session, “How to Work More Effectively with the Media,” which includes journalists from The New York Times, Entertainment Weekly, CBS Sunday Morning and NPR, in addition to top PR experts from book publishing. The session will present practical strategies and insights to help authors, publishers, editors and agents with their media relations.

Print Book Sales Rose Again in 2016 (PW)
Despite a less-than-ideal environment—no breakout bestsellers on the adult fiction side and a lengthy, brutal election cycle that sucked nearly all of the air out of the cultural conversation—unit sales of print books were up 3.3 percent in 2016 over 2015. Total print unit sales hit 674 million, marking the third-straight year of growth, according to Nielsen BookScan, which tracks about 80 percent of print sales in the U.S.

Independent Booksellers End Year on High Note (PW)
The election may have changed when people shopped, but it didn’t change how much they bought, according to Molly Olivo, book buyer at the Barstons Child’s Play stores in the Washington, D.C., area. At her stores, some customers began their holiday shopping in October, and Shirley Mullins, owner of Kids Ink in Indianapolis, reported an exceptionally strong November.

Another Amazon Store Planned for Paramus, NJ (Pub Lunch)
Following on the news that Amazon will open a physical bookstore in Manhattan’s Shops at Columbus Circle later this spring — in the same place where Borders had a store from 2003 through 2011 — the company announced plans to open its eighth stores, in Paramus, NJ.

How to Use Instagram as an Author (Creative Penn)
What’s the hot social media network that people are talking about but few understand how to use? Snapchat. Surprised? But Instagram still appears to win the prize when it comes to the race for the fastest growing social media network.

Using Pew Research Stats to Find Your Readers Online (BookWorks)
Earlier in my career, I mistakenly thought that it was important for authors to be everywhere online. I likened social media to zip codes. I would say, “Do you only want to sell in the 95405 zip code? Or would you rather sell your books in zip codes worldwide?” With glistening eyes, writers would shout, “Worldwide!” Okay, no one’s eyes glistened, and no one shouted, but you get what I mean. As I look back on those talks all I can say to myself is, “Sheesh!”

Collaboration and Proofing Tools for Design Teams (BookMachine)
For many of the book publishers I work with the use of freelancers is an integral part of their workflow. Some companies offer their internal design and editorial staff the opportunity of working from home and use remote working on projects with colleagues based in other locations.

De Gruyter Takes Over ‘Info DaF’ Publication, Digitizing Back Issues (Pub Perspectives)
A timely move in the refugee influx to Germany, De Gruyter picks up “Info DaF” as “a tool for language teachers in times of migration and globalization.”

Market Overview: Vietnam’s Walk on ‘Book Street’ (Pub Perspectives)
“We talked to the government in the biggest cities,” says Vietnamese publisher Hung Nguyen Manh. And with publishers’ collaboration, his country’s “book streets” are roads to new readership.

Foyles’ Christmas Sales Up 4.3% (Bookseller)
Foyles achieved a 4.3-percent like-for-like sales increase over Christmas, the bookseller has said.


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