How Will Data Actually Transform Book Publishing?

data, big data, publishersFrom the invention of the moveable printing press, in the 13th century, to the introduction of ebooks, in the mid-90s, there has never been a moment when the publishing industry has not been evolving to catch up to the way people select and purchase books.

And yet for the longest time, the decision-making process throughout the industry has remained the same: editors and literary agents are tasked with selecting books based on their experience and knowledge of past market behavior, and gut feeling is relied upon to predict the world’s next bestsellers.

And what’s happened as a result? Harry Potter author JK Rowling was told there wasn’t a future market for children’s books, with her original manuscript being rejected 12 times before publication. Other New York Times bestsellers like Twilight received 14 rejections, and even cult classics like Stephen King’s Carrie tallied 30.

Furthermore, what percentage of great novels never made it past an author’s hard drive because of these decisions? How many great writers gave up after the first few rejections?

Much more.

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