Wiley CEO Mark Allin Delivers Keynote at Frankfurt’s Markets Conference

Frankfurt Book FairMark Allin, president and CEO of Wiley, delivered the keynote address at today’s Markets conference on the first day of the Frankfurt Book Fair.

Titled “The New Customer Relationship,” Allin’s presentation discussed how the digital transformation has upended how Wiley and the publishing and education industries at large interact with the customer.

Wiley’s revenue comes from three sectors—research journals (48 percent), publishing (42 percent) and solutions (10 percent)—and, as an industry, according to Allin, we have created more business models in the last five years than we did in the previous 500. And “for the first time,” Allin said, “we have direct engagement with our customers.”

Yet these customers are “confronted with a torrent of information,” so the mission, as Allin sees it, is “to give our customers the skills and knowledge that make organizations successful.”

To that end, Wiley has evolved from being a deliverer or vendor of content to “a partner with the customers who use that content, who use that service, and who rely on us for their success.”

Wiley works with universities and corporations around the world to address, as Allin put it, the “global talent crisis,” helping to identify employment opportunities and help recruit, develop and retain talent.

College graduates, according to Allin, are not receiving all the skills they need during their education, and are entering the workplace facing the very real possibility that they will end up competing for jobs that have yet to be created.

The talent crisis is “global and extends across education, employment and innovation,” according to Allin, and “solutions require new kinds of partnerships and engagement across customer groups.”

But given this deficit, the opportunity exists to contribute “unprecedented economic and societal value.”

“We’re able to innovate in the place that our customers live,” Allin said.

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