Why It’s Time to Focus on IP Rights

Why It’s Time to Focus on IP RightsCopyright, intellectual property and licensing might not sound like the most colorful of subject matters, but that should certainly not deter from their importance, especially within the publishing industry.

“Some may consider these areas of the market as being less flexible or less prone to change than others,” writes Tom Chalmers in a blog post, “but in light of recent government proposals to fast-track changes in copyright legislation, which—as reported in the Bookseller last month—are set to have ‘devastating consequences’ for the design publishing industry. This is not always the case, however.”

“To put this particular case into some kind of context,” Chalmers continues, “a repeal to copyright law, fast-tracked to come into force in April, 2016, is set to restrict the use of 2D images of 3D design objects in publishing, such as photographs and illustrations of furniture, textiles, architecture and jewelry, used heavily in books on the history of design. Furthermore, the government has reduced the time publishers have to comply with the new legislation from five years to six months (known as the repeal of section 52) following a judicial review brought by three furniture manufacturers.”

Much more.

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DBW Conference Publishes New White Paper on ‘Digital Transformation’ (DBW)
A newly published white paper from the Digital Book World Conference + Expo offers insights about some of the most important book business and digital content topics—from the book industry’s ongoing digital transformation, to “Big Tech” and publishing, to personalized content, new publishing revenue streams, audiobooks, copyright issues in a digital age, and how to capitalize on key opportunities, among other topics. The white paper, “Viewpoints on Publishing’s Digital Transformation,” is free and available to download now.

How Independent Bookstores Are Thriving in the Digital Age (Pub Perspectives)
Though the media described the rise of ebooks as a death knell for independent bookstores, in reality, the lower cost of technology on all ends has enhanced the efficiency and reach of stores.

Amazon to Create 2,500 UK Jobs (Bookseller)
Amazon is set to create “several thousand new jobs” across Europe this year, with 2,500 of them expected to be in the UK. The online retailer said the new jobs are being created to expand its European Fulfilment Network, increase EU-based research and development, and build new infrastructure to support its growing cloud-computing business, among other initiatives. Last year, Amazon created 10,000 new jobs across Europe and now employs more than 40,000 people across the continent, it said.

Maximizing Mobile Micro-Moments (Joe Wikert)
I’ve long felt the publishing industry is too focused on simply delivering the print experience on digital devices, something often referred to as “print under glass.” That strategy has created new revenue streams over the past 10 years, but it’s not the end game. Mobile represents opportunities for new methods of engagement and discovery.

Relevance: The Key to Advertising/Marketing (Chris McMullen)
Many advertising and marketing concepts can be understood, and then applied, by considering this one word: relevance. And what a difference relevance can make. Yet, very often, the advertiser or marketer hasn’t given this concept due consideration.

Supreme Court Will Consider Apple’s Appeal on February 19 (Pub Lunch)
When the Supreme Court next convenes for conference on February 19th, one of the cases it will consider is Apple’s petition to have the high court hear its appeal of the guilty verdict in the ebook antitrust case. Apple had responded one more time, on January 15th, to the Department of Justice’s end of year opposition to their appeal.

The Challenges of Marketing a Genre-Bending Novel (PW)
A recent review on Amazon called my debut novel, Who Is Mr. Plutin?, “Kafkaesque.” Naturally I was thrilled to have my book compared to a world literature classic. Then I looked up my Amazon ranking, and also the ranking of various editions of Kafka’s works. My book’s Amazon numbers were nowhere near Kafka’s; I didn’t expect them to be, of course. But it made me think that, though a metamorphosis worked wonders for my book’s main character, Vika, it did nothing for my sales.

Classic Book Covers Get Redesigns for Ebook Age (WIRED)
Up until a few years ago, most books in the public domain were lacking. Not lacking in words, which hadn’t changed, but lacking in style, lacking in design, lacking, mostly, in the emotional bond many readers forge when (sorry!) they judge a book by its cover.

In India, Education and Government Drive the Publishing Market (PW)
India’s higher education institutions receive substantial government funding, which is now focused on acquiring electronic resources. Unfortunately, the lack of information on the timing of disbursement, application and allocation of the funding often creates confusion. However, players in the academic books and journals segment seem to be able to navigate the chaos.

2015 Print Sales Up Slightly in Canada (PW)
Print book unit sales in Canada were up by 1 percent in 2015, compared to the previous year, according to sales tracking service BookNet Canada. The overall dollar value of print books sold, meanwhile, rose by 3 percent. The data coincides with what indie booksellers reported to Publishers Weekly earlier this month, that many stores’ had solid sales gains in 2015. The increase, BookNet Canada noted, comes after several years of downward trends in print book sales.


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