Why I Want an iPhone-Sized E-Reader (But Not an iPhone)

e-reader, e-reading, ebooksThere’s been some discussion lately around large-screen e-readers. Michael Kozlowski of Good E-Reader launched an Indiegogo campaign for a larger-than-normal e-reader—13.3 inches—and TeleRead offered a couple different takes on the hefty price point Kozlowski is proposing: $699.

I should say up front that I don’t use e-readers as often as I’d like to. I own a Kindle Paperwhite, but I probably haven’t picked it up in a month. When it comes to reading books, I’m a traditionalist and I still like the weight and feel of a physical book.

That said, I want to read on an e-reader more often, as I’m sure I’d be able to get more book reading done with it. I live in New York City, and for the 40-60 minutes I commute each day, the train I take is often so packed that it’s downright impossible to hold a book or tablet in front of you.

Much more.

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A New Take on Ebook Windowing (Joe Wikert)
Ebook windowing is a technique designed to prevent ebooks from cannibalizing print book sales. The original thinking went something like this: release a new title in print format only, thereby preventing e-cannibalization. The result? Frustrated consumers. If you’re an ebook reader, there’s nothing worse than realizing a digital edition doesn’t exist for that new book you recently discovered and were ready to buy.

Countdown Deals and KDP Select Free Promos (Chris McMullen)
The effectiveness of Kindle Countdown Deals and free promos for e-books enrolled in KDP Select has changed over time. In the beginning, when KDP Select free promos were first introduced, they were highly effective, often being grabbed by the thousands without any effort on the part of the author. But the success of unadvertised free promos dwindled quickly, as more and more authors began giving away their e-books away for free and as the perceived value diminished from the customer’s perspective. For a couple of years, free promos seemed to have a bad rap.

Canada’s Ebook-Bundling ‘Shelfie’ Adds Recommendations (Pub Perspectives)
More than 1,200 publishers now have signed on to the ebook-bundling app Peter Hudson and Marius Muja founded in 2013 as BitLit Media. New this season: recommendations for readers.

3 Independent Book Publishing Trends to Watch in 2016 (Book Business)
On February 25th Book Business hosted a webinar titled “Trends for 2016: The Future of Books in the New Year,” which asked experts from the Book Industry Study Group, the Book Manufacturers Institute, and the Independent Book Publishers Association to share their perspectives on the industry and the major trends that will drive its future development. Angela Bole, CEO of the IBPA, was one of these experts and offered her take on the growing independent publishing industry and how it will continue to impact the entire book market.

Amazon Quality Control and Table of Contents: Everything You Need to Know (WWM)
Over the past week KDP authors have been on an emotional roller coaster as Amazon cracked down on titles whose Table of Contents (TOCs) were at the back of their book, and then changed their mind and said that having a TOC at the back of a book was permissible. What has been going on and why? Here’s the breakdown:

LeYo! Relates Digital Interactivity and Analog Books for Kids (Pub Perspectives)
Carlsen’s LeYo! titles, out since November, allow young readers to bring books “to life” by triggering related interactive content on their digital devices while reading them.

Apple’s Complicated Stand and the Security of Our Systems (Scholarly Kitchen)
Security is one of the uncounted costs of digital publishing. We’re so often told that everything on the internet should be free (or at least very inexpensive, see here and here) yet no one seems to take into account the complex and expensive services and activities that have to be maintained. As publishers, we collect a significant amount of confidential data on who is submitting papers, who is reading papers and who is paying for things (along with their payment methods, account and credit card numbers, social security numbers if we’re paying a royalty, etc.).

Soho Press: Committing to Crime on an International Scale (Pub Perspectives)
Subscription still works in some contexts, and one area in which it’s alive and well, says Bronwen Hruska, is in her Soho Press’ Crime Club offering.


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