What Self-Published Authors Should Know About Hard Copies

books, ebooks, authors, self-publishing, ebook conversionThis is part five of a six-part series.

Ebooks might be cheap to produce and distribute, but many authors still choose to do a short print run or make their books available in stores on a print-on-demand basis. Readers still like printed books—they’re not going away any time soon! And even if you don’t plan to make a fortune selling them, hard copies can be a useful promotional tool. They come in handy for book signings, giveaways, special events and for sending to reviewers.

You want to see your book in print, so how can you make sure it looks professional? A self-published book doesn’t have to look self-published. The reader is going to be drawn to your book because of its striking cover design and outstanding blurb; she isn’t going to turn her nose up at it because it isn’t published by HarperCollins!

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Everything You Need to Know to Begin Self-Publishing Successfully
What are the best services for self-publishing? How much money does it cost to produce a good-quality ebook? And what are some of the most effective marketing strategies? Self-publishers can now get all their questions answered in a 90-minute webinar with writing and publishing guru Jane Friedman. The webinar will take place on June 28 at 1pm ET.

How to Use Price Promotion to Promote Your Book (WWM)
Once you’ve written a book and published it as an ebook, how do you find readers? That is one of the key questions all authors ask. You’ve put all of this work into a story: Now what? There are a variety of tactics available to authors to help you spread the word about your book, from social media to paid advertising. The most common, and typically most effective, tactic is a price promotion.

When Less Is More on Social Media (Jane Friedman)
Authors feel the steady pressure to be on social media channels promoting themselves, promoting their books, and searching for those ever-elusive readers. Some marketers tout it like it’s a magic pill, encouraging authors to be in every possible corner of the social media universe. After all, you don’t want to miss anybody, right?

Amazon Launches All-New Kindle and Updated Paperwhite (DBW)
Amazon announced that it is releasing a new version of its Kindle e-reader. The device is thinner and lighter than the previous Kindle, and and has twice the memory. It also has a more rounded design and is available in black or white. The new Kindle remains $79.99 and will be available July 7.

Boopsie Publishes Report on Mobile App Best Practices (DBW)
Boopsie announced that it has published a report on mobile app best practices for libraries. Last month, the service provider surveyed more than 350 librarians to learn how mobile apps benefited their communities and what obstacles were in the way.

Nordstedts Sold to Storytel (Pub Lunch)
Subscription audiobook and ebook streaming service Storytel has acquired Norstedts, Sweden’s oldest publisher, for SEK 152 million (or 16.3 million euros.) Nordstedts has been owned by co-operative union and retail group KF since 1997; the 11-year-old Storytel adds Nordstedts to its expanding roster, having acquired Swedish publishers Massolit and B Wahlströms in 2015 and Danish ebook and audio streaming service Mofibo last month.

How to Work with Publishers: 8 Tips for Freelancers (BookMachine)
Following on from our tips for publishers working with freelancers, freelancers need to be able to see things from the publisher’s point of view too. Yes, freelancers struggle sometimes, but there are ways to counteract lack of communication. Help publishers to help you where they can.

A Familiar Newcomer to Czech Books: Empresa Media (Pub Perspectives)
Television, radio, and magazines all are part of the promotional engine that the Czech Republic’s Empresa Media can put behind its new initiative to publish books.

HarperCollins Launches BAME Training Scheme (Bookseller)
HarperCollins UK is to open applications for 12-month training contracts targeted at black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) graduates from tomorrow (June 23). The company said the scheme had been created in order to tackle under-representation of BAME individuals within the business. It has taken advice from the Business in the Community’s race campaign, of which HarperCollins UK is a member.


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