What Is the Content Trap?

content, publishers, marketing, discovery, booksA recent trip to a local brick-and-mortar bookstore helped me realize that even the best algorithms and email campaigns can’t replace in-person product discovery. On this trip, I noticed a book called The Content Trap sitting face-out on the shelf and couldn’t resist picking it up.

Great title. Intriguing outline. Normally I’d make a note to grab the ebook sample and consider buying it later. What I saw during my in-store flip test, however, convinced me I shouldn’t wait. So I made the unusual decision (for me) to buy the print copy, not the ebook.

As I walked out of the store, it dawned on me: despite all the daily book recommendation emails I get from Amazon and elsewhere, this one never hit my radar until I walked through that store. Actually, maybe one of those emails did mention it, but I never noticed because I receive so many book promo messages that they’ve turned into nothing more than inbox white noise. This seems to indicate the email marketing model could benefit dramatically from an overhaul.

Much more.

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Merchandising for Authors with Melissa Addey (Creative Penn)
Bookstores are busy with shoppers buying presents for the holiday season right now. They’re buying books, but they’re also buying merchandise related to those books or author brands.

Can BuzzFeed Finally Make Customized Cookbooks Work? (Pub Lunch)
Since the early days of online interfaces and quality print-on-demand manufacturing, a number of companies have taken ultimately unsuccessful passes at building a business around user-customized cookbooks. In the wake of Tastebook and many others comes Tasty: The Cookbook — though this latest effort is driven by BuzzFeed, which is aiming the initiative at their substantial audience of 75 million Facebook followers for their Tasty food vertical.

Amazon Alexa, HCCP Collaborate on Daily Devotionals (PW)
In the first collaboration between a book publisher and Amazon’s voice-activated “intelligent assistant” Alexa, HarperCollins Christian Publishing (HCCP) is delivering daily inspiration through audio clips from its Devotionals Daily brand.

The Adaptation of Books (BookMachine)
One of the best experiences I get whilst doing the Translating the World Project is the little surprises that appear along the way. That’s the case of the Finnish book I am translating: the Polish version is a rhymed text but the original book wasn’t written in verse! Yet children’s books are rich in literary devices such as rhyme.

Want to Succeed at Self-Publishing? Write in Your Own Voice (PW)
At age 78 and as the oldest prosecutor in California, Timothy Oliver Stoen decided it was time to write his memoir to “give hope to people who have made huge mistakes in their lives—to give them hope that their lives are not over.”

LBF Awards Add Rights Professional of the Year (Pub Perspectives)
London Book Fair’s awards program, in its fourth year, will include ten categories for entries from outside the UK, and 16 categories overall.

Highwire Press Acquires Semantico (DBW)
Scholarly publishing company HighWire Press announced that it has acquired Semantico, a technology and services provider for the scholarly publishing market.

Myanmar’s Challenges and Potential (Pub Perspectives)
In a land of nearly 2,000 small book publishers, Myanmar’s post-junta industry is strengthening its ties to ASEAN and serving a youthful demographic.


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