What Does Influencer Marketing for Books Look Like?

influencer marketing, books, dbw, digital book world, publishersSusan Ruszala is an experienced business consultant specializing in go-to-market strategies for new businesses and business lines. As the former president of NetGalley, Susan transformed the business from a failed start-up to a successful, well-established and growing B2B subscription business operating internationally.

Susan is a frequent and well-known speaker within the industry, and is also an expert on influencer marketing, which focuses on inspiring or hiring influencers to get the word out, rather than marketing directly to consumers.

Susan is also a speaker at DBW 2017, where she will discuss how authors and marketers can effectively use influencer marketing to get the word out about their books.

We spoke to Susan about the key shifts in this space and how these shifts will impact book marketers and authors.

What does the next generation of influencer marketing look like?

As with any well-established terrain, the key shifts in influencer marketing center around sophistication and technology. Marketers who are considering influencer campaigns need to be smart buyers in evaluating the many influencer platforms that exist.

Much more.

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AAP Sends Letter to President-Elect Donald Trump (DBW)
The Association of American Publishers (AAP) sent a letter to President-Elect Donald Trump this morning. The letter, signed by Allan Adler, general counsel and vice president of government affairs for the AAP, runs five pages and discusses, in part, why effective copyright legal protections are critical for publishers; how publishers make significant societal contributions; China’s “failure to live up to its commitments to lift restrictions on foreign investment in publications importation and distribution”; and why Congress must fix the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

October Bookstore Sales Slipped 1% (PW)
Bookstore sales dipped 1.0 percent in October compared to a year ago, according to preliminary estimates released this morning by the U.S. Census Bureau. Sales for the month were $774 million, down from $782 million in October 2015.

Distributing Ebooks, and the Success of Pottermore, in China (PW)
Much has been said about China’s book industry; its potential market size powered by a fast-growing middle class, and its interest (and hunger) for translated and imported titles, has attracted the attention of many publishers from every corner of the world.

5 Ways Authors Can Increase Their Discoverability on BookBub (BookBub)
Reaching new readers and telling fans about books can be a constant challenge for both debut and well-seasoned authors. One of our goals at BookBub is to help authors and publishers build an even broader audience of readers who will love their books.

LBF Confirms Baltics as 2018 Market Focus; Confirms 2018 Dates (DBW)
The London Book Fair announced that the Baltics—Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania—have been confirmed as the Market Focus for the 2018 fair. The honor marks a century since their independence.

How Will YA Publishing Evolve in 2017? (Futurebook)
As a YA author attending a trade-facing conference, I dipped into Futurebook 2016 with curiosity, not sure quite what I would take home from the experience. What I encountered there was an event with a real buzz to it, packed with engaged, purposeful attendees genuinely excited about the technological challenges – and opportunities – facing the book community.

How to Make Readers Deeply Connect to Your Characters (Jane Friedman)
There is one secret ingredient to crafting a novel that readers will read from beginning to end. All the other elements are important and necessary, but they play supporting roles to this one. That secret is to connect your reader to your protagonist. Ever heard yourself (or others) say the following about a great novel?

The Importance of Networking for Freelance Editors (BookMachine)
As a work-from-home, self-employed freelance editor and project manager, I’m a huge advocate of a bit of networking every now and then. This will give you the opportunity to get dressed in clothes other than your comfy trousers and meet others with the aim of developing contacts, both professional and social, promoting yourself and possibly your business, and exchanging information.

10 Tips for Writing Short Stories That Sell (Creative Penn)
Short stories can be a creative exercise used to explore a new idea. They can be entered into anthologies or submitted to magazines, and they can be repackaged into collections by the single author.


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