What Authors Should Know About Ebook Distribution

What Authors Should Know About Ebook DistributionThis is part four of a six-part series.

You’ve finished your book and you’re about to take the plunge and release it as an ebook. How can you make sure you’re fully prepared so that the process goes as smoothly as possible?

Of course, you’ve already read the first three posts in this series, so you’ve made sure your manuscript is formatted, you’ve had it copy-edited, and you’ve engaged a professional designer to create a stunning cover that will capture readers’ attention. What more do you need to do?

Choose your service

Decide how you’re going to get your book converted and distributed. There are a variety of services available, from pure DIY options to companies that will help you with each step. Maybe you’re happy to sell your ebook in one or two stores, or maybe you want it available as widely as possible.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions about royalties, exclusivity and hidden costs. Will you need to earn a certain amount before getting paid? Can you control the price of your book in stores? Do your research on the service you’re thinking of using and check their social media accounts. They should be contactable and transparent. Can you pick up the phone and ask them questions? What’s their response like when you do? Do they respond promptly to emails?

Much more.

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BookBaby Launches Editing Services for Self-Published Authors (DBW)
BookBaby announced that it is launching a new premium editing service for self-published authors. The new offering allows authors to access a network of editors from some of today’s bestselling books at affordable prices.

Publishing’s Hot App: A Tinder for Intellectual Property (Hollywood Reporter)
Want a peek at the buzzy new sci-fi novel? Swipe right. Curious if its movie rights have sold? Swipe again. Publishing upstart Inkshares is launching an app, dubbed Properties, to promote its content to Hollywood. It curates selections for each user, offers sample chapters and provides updates on theatrical, TV, audiobook and foreign rights.

Bookstore Sales Have Solid April Gain (PW)
Bookstore sales rose 9.7 percent in April, to $757 million, according to preliminary estimates released by the U.S. Census Bureau. Sales in April 2015 were $690 million.

The True Glory of Professional Editors (IngramSpark)
The challenge: With the Wall of Content, as I call it, looming over the industry—so many books, films, television shows, games, music—you’re putting yourself at a huge competitive disadvantage if you try to go to market without the best professional editing support you can afford.

Never Stop Editing: Tips from an Indie Author (PW)
Indie author D.E. Vollrath always wanted to try his hand at writing, but it wasn’t until his daughters started to read sci-fi and fantasy books that he seriously took a crack at it, “in part because there were so few books that had female lead characters. One day I started typing, without much of a plan, and most of a chapter came out.”

SYNC Program for Teens Offers Free Weekly Audiobooks (DBW)
YNC Audiobooks for Teens is an annual summer program that gives away free audiobook downloads. Now in its seventh year, SYNC offers two free audiobooks aimed at teens every week of the summer. The titles are curated weekly thematic pairings of award-winning teen-focused titles and classics.

Nathan Hull Departs Mofibo, Following Storytel Buyout (Pub Perspectives)
Counter to the reported plan at the time of Mofibo’s buy by Storytel, the Danish subscription service’s high-visibility business development lead, Nathan Hull, has announced he’s leaving.

Wiley Touts Digital Progress in Down Fiscal 2016 (PW)
Total revenue at John Wiley & Sons fell 5 percent in the fiscal year ended April 30, 2016, compared to fiscal 2015. Operating income in the year dropped 21 percent. Revenue finished the year at $1.73 billion and income was $188.1 million. The negative impact of foreign currency, as well as a change in the method of recording journal subscriptions, accounted for some of the decline.

Pew’s 2016 State of the News Media Report (DBW)
The Pew Research Center made public its 2016 State of the News Media report, which analyzes “the status of the organizations that produce the news and make it available to the public.”

Publishers Can Challenge Google and Facebook if They Form a Network (Guardian)
At the top of the list of frustrations media organizations share is the accelerated pace of advertising revenue slipping through their fingers. Mary Meeker’s latest internet trends report captures the story brilliantly in a single slide.

It’s Not a Race (Seth Godin)
Some things are races, but not many. A race is a competition in which the point is to win. You’re not supposed to enjoy the ride, learn anything or make your community better. You’re supposed to win. At the end of a race, people congratulate the winner, and point out how well she did by winning. The rest of the field, the losers, well, hey, you tried.

LitBlog in Cologne Is a Hit with German Book Bloggers (Pub Perspectives)
Five German publishing houses united to organize LitBlog, Germany’s first convention for book bloggers, YouTubers and tweeters. Tickets sold out in a matter of hours, the event proving immediately popular with book bloggers.

Book Marketing Display Ads: 20 Stunning Designs (BookBub)
Fresh takes on book advertising creative can be hard to come up with, so we assembled 20 of our favorite designs used on BookBub Ads. We hope these designs give you ideas for your own campaigns.

AAUP 2016 Convenes in Philadelphia (DBW)
The 2016 Annual Meeting of the Association of American University Presses convenes today in Philadelphia, hosting more than 700 publishing and scholarly communications professionals from June 16–18.


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