What Authors Need to Know About Blog Tours

self-publishing, authors, marketing, books, ebooksFor every genre of ebook, there are hundreds of book bloggers—people who read books and post reviews on their sites. When ebook authors plan their book launches, many of them add blog tours to their marketing plans. A blog tour is series of pre-arranged blog posts, usually scheduled during the months just before and just after a book launch.

The exposure ebook authors receive in blog tours can help jumpstart interest in their book. The book cover will be introduced to all the bloggers’ followers, and an enthusiastic review can generate the buzz a title needs to get off to a strong start.

But blog tours can be a lot of work. And sometimes, especially for first-time self-published authors, blog tours don’t generate as many sales as anticipated.

There are specific steps, though, that you can take to help make your blog tour successful.

Much more.

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How Indie Authors Should Price a Book for Optimal Success (DBW)
Sometimes the simplest thing you can do to give your book a boost is play around with the pricing. It’s one thing to have a book, but it’s quite another to have one that actually sells. You have probably heard this from other indie authors, or even experienced it yourself. Your book gets added to Amazon, full of pomp and circumstance, and then, nothing. It’s disheartening to see your hard work just sit there. But here’s the good news: this might be an easy fix.

The ‘Big Change’ Era in Trade Book Publishing Ended 4 Years Ago (Mike Shatzkin)
Book publishing is still very much in a time of changing conditions and circumstances. There are a host of unknowables about the next several years that affect the shape of the industry and the strategies of all the players in it. But as publishers, retailers, libraries, and their ecosystem partners prepare for whatever is next, it becomes increasingly evident that — from the perspective of trade publishing at least — we have already lived through the biggest period of transition. It took place from sometime in 2007 through 2012.

‘Brexit Means Brexit’? UK Publishing Isn’t Fully Convinced (Pub Perspectives)
“We will have to strengthen our voice,” says a panelist from the UK’s Publishers Association in a London discussion this week on the implications of Brexit for the trade industry there.

How to Create a Website That Works in 10 Easy Steps (BookWorks)
What is the single most significant thing you can do for building your book sales or business? If you answered, “Have a website,” then you are spot on. I am always amazed at how many people jump into building their website without any knowledge of what it involves. Especially when they know how important a great website is to their business or book sales.

BISAC Tips, Tricks and Helpful Links (Overdrive)
Have you heard that we’ve added BISAC subject headings for some of our most popular content? Even if you have, read on anyway. You may have a few questions that can be answered below!

Retail Sales Down 0.5% in June (Bookseller)
UK retail sales sank by 0.5 percent like-for-like in June, decelerating towards the end of the month, but the British Retail Consortium has said it is too early to pin the decline on Brexit.

Inkshares Publishes First Indie Bookstore Title (PW)
Inkshares, a West Coast start-up that mixes traditional publishing with crowdfunding to determine which books it will release, is publishing its first bookstore-originated title. The move comes one year after the San Francisco start-up began actively courting independent booksellers.

Copyright Clearance Center Adds RUP to RightFind XML for Mining (DBW)
Copyright Clearance Center announced that The Rockefeller University Press is now participating in RightFind XML for Mining, a service that allows publishers to offer life science companies controlled access to full-text articles in native XML format for import into text mining software.

Accessibility Is the New Innovation (Scholarly Kitchen)
Imagine that the latest book of your favorite book series has just been published, but you are not able to read it or listen to it. Imagine your favorite band has just released its latest song, but you are not able to hear the beat. These are just two of many examples that the disabled community deals with everyday.


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