W3C and IDPF Exploring Plans to Combine

W3C and IDPF Exploring Plans to CombineThe World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF) announced yesterday that the two organizations have mutual interest in combining to advance publishing technologies at a faster rate.

Tim Berners-Lee, director of W3C, and Bill McCoy, executive director of IDPF, revealed the plans following Berners-Lee’s keynote address at IDPF DigiCon at BEA.

“We share an exciting vision for W3C and IDPF to fully align the publishing industry and core Web technology,” said Berners-Lee. “This will create a rich media environment for digital publishing that opens up new possibilities for readers, authors, and publishers.”

For the past three years, members from W3C and IDPF have been collaborating to identify how the publishing industry’s technology and experiences can improve the Web, and, conversely, how already existing Web technologies can create greater opportunities for the publishing industry going forward.

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