Typefi and Extensis Partner to Streamline Font Management in Workflows

Typefi, fonts, workflow, automationTypefi and Extensis announced today that the two companies will partner to integrate Extensis’s font management solutions with Typefi’s publishing platform.

Typefi, founded in 2001, allows publishers to automate many daily tasks. Extensis offers font management solutions, including Universal Type Server and FontLink, that help companies avoid font-related issues during their workflows.

“Fonts are critical to all steps in the publishing process,” said Toby Martin, Extensis’s VP of development and strategy. “They can also be the source of time consuming mishaps. Just one incorrect font can disrupt automated processes and put projects behind schedule.”

“Through our partnership with Typefi,” Martin continued, “we’re focused on applying the benefits of font management to automated publishing workflows so fonts can’t wreak havoc.”

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