The Benefits of an Amazon Giveaway for Kindle

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The Benefits of an Amazon Giveaway for KindleAmazon Giveaways are now available for Kindle ebooks.

No, I’m not talking about KDP Select free promos. I’m talking about Amazon Giveaways—contests hosted by Amazon on which until now have only been available for print books and other physical products. But now you no longer need to have a print edition to run an Amazon Giveaway.

Authors who use KDP—even those who do not enroll in KDP Select—can run an Amazon Giveaway. Find this option on the Kindle ebook’s product page.

There are several possible benefits to running an Amazon Giveaway for your Kindle ebook:

Increase traffic to your product page: On average, Amazon Giveaways bring more than a 40-percent increase in traffic during the week of the contest.
Attract followers to your Amazon author page: You can require contestants to follow your author page on Amazon. This is one of the few ways to grow your Amazon following, which helps you launch your next Kindle ebook (as KDP authors will receive an invitation to send a message to Amazon followers).
Gain exposure on Twitter, even if you have a small Twitter following. When you tweet about your contest with the #AmazonGiveaway hashtag, hundreds of people searching for Amazon Giveaways will see your tweet.
Generate traffic even when people lose your contest: You get to post a message for entrants who lose. Use this space wisely and professionally, and it could make an impact. Check out several popular giveaways to see how other authors use this space.
You get good prospects of a return on minimal investment. The author pays the current list price, which for most Kindle ebooks is quite affordable. (Although it’s non-refundable, if there isn’t a winner, you can roll it over or give a copy away directly.)
• For KDP Select books, this new Amazon Giveaway feature may enhance the value of a Countdown Deal. The contest can help you generate traffic while the book is on sale (it also costs less to run the contest during this period).
It can help you launch your next Kindle ebook, improving your prospects for landing on the Hot New Releases list. In addition to using the giveaway to grow your Amazon following and then notifying them of your next release, you can run a giveaway for your new release when it comes out, and yet another giveaway when your new release is eligible for a Countdown Deal. If you also run an ad through AMS at the same time, all these little features could really pull together nicely. Every little bit helps.

Now, I’m not saying this new feature will give every book instant success. It’s an additional marketing tool to add to your arsenal. As with all marketing, some authors will find ways to take advantage of it and grow their sales. That could be you. This tool is new, so now is your time to think of ways to use it wisely.

Take some time to enter several book giveaways, as it will help you generate ideas for entering information for your own giveaway. Also, start small with a low-cost giveaway, as you will gain experience with how it works.

Good luck with your books.

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3 thoughts on “The Benefits of an Amazon Giveaway for Kindle

  1. Leslie Tall Manning

    I like one of the last pieces of advice you offered: to enter a couple of giveaways to generate ideas. Understanding how the whole thing works from the customer side is incredibly valuable. I plan to toss my new book into the giveaway ring this spring. As always, thanks for the article!

  2. Carlos


    I can’t see the option you mention on your post for books not enrolled on KDP Select. At least I can’t find it. Are you sure this is possible for all kindle books? Thanks



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