The AP’s Digital Publishing Manager on Ebooks, Apps and More

ebooks, apps, dbw, digital book world conference, publishersPeter Costanzo is the digital and archival publishing manager for The Associated Press. He is also an award-winning book producer and he teaches the “New Media Technology: Formats and Devices” course at New York University.

Peter is also a speaker at DBW 2017, where he will discuss new approaches to some old ideas in book publishing.

We spoke with Peter about his session at DBW, what he sees as the future ebooks, what the role of apps is, and much more.

You are currently the digital and archival publishing manager for The Associated Press. What does your role entail?

My primary focus is identifying topics that The Associated Press has reported on and then determining if there’s potential to present that coverage in book form. Such projects either end up as an informative biography, a personal memoir or a collection of stories, all written by current or former AP journalists.

Good examples of this are titles like Dwight D. Eisenhower, My Time with the Kings and Divided America. The AP’s corporate archive goes back to its founding in 1846, so I have access to an incredible wealth of articles, artifacts, video and photography for use within each book we publish. It’s a real privilege to be able to mine that content and work closely with those who’ve paid witness to pivotal moments in history and get to help tell those stories.

Much more.

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B&N Introduces New 7″ Nook Tablet for $49.99 (DBW)
Barnes & Noble announced that it will debut a new 7″ Nook tablet for $49.99 available in stores on November 25 (Black Friday). The e-reader is the least expensive device the company has created.

BookBaby Launches 2017 Self-Publishing Survey (DBW)
BookBaby announced that is launching its 2017 Self-Publishing Survey, a comprehensive study aimed at revealing the most successful book marketing and promotion strategies for self-published authors. The company has partnered with 15 leading self-publishing providers to ask published and aspiring authors to share their marketplace experiences and opinions.

The Good and Bad of Half-Year Sales (Pub Lunch)
We have known the basic contours of trade publishing results for the first half of 2016 since the end of August, following public reporting by publishing companies — trade sales were down modestly in total dollars, with still-rising print unit sales unable to fully make up for still-declining ebook sales. Now the AAP has finally released their statistics for the first half of the year, compiled from approximately 1,200 publishers, giving some additional color to the sales trends behind the numbers.

September Bookstore Sales Up 1.7% (PW)
Bookstore sales increased 1.7 percent in September over September 2015, according to preliminary estimates released by the U.S. Census Bureau. Sales in September were $1.16 billion, up from $1.14 billion one year ago.

Kindle Unlimited Back Above Half a Penny Per Page (Chris McMullen)
I remember, many months ago, when the Kindle Unlimited per-page rate first dropped below half a penny per page. This was early after the switch to paying for pages read.
There were many prophecies that it would continue to plunge deeper and deeper and would soon be worthless.

5 Ways to Use Facebook Groups to Build Book Buzz (BookBub)
Giving fans a dedicated community space can help them feel more connected to a book and author. While these communities might not have thousands of members, the fans who participate often become loyal advocates for the author, which is essential for creating word-of-mouth buzz.

German Self-Publishing Platform Tredition Goes International (Pub Perspectives)
Bolstered by a twofold offering to authors and publishers, German self-publishing platform Tredition will expand to the US and UK.

Bringing Readers, Authors and Publishers Together (Pub Perspectives)
“Authors who come here know they’ll meet an engaged audience of readers,” says marketer Mette Holbæk. Denmark’s Bogforum creates a mutually beneficial gathering in Copenhagen.

Design How to Share Your Story, Not Just How to Tell It (Futurebook)
A book is a lifeless object. Its power lies in its ability to circulate ideas. Although we like to champion its importance, the narrative isn’t a book’s defining quality. If it isn’t shared, a book is just another unknown story.

PRH Ireland and Fighting Words Launch Partnership (Bookseller)
Penguin Random House Ireland is launching a three-year partnership with creative writing organization Fighting Words to promote equal opportunities for young people.


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