Shelfie App Now Produces Personalized Recommendations

Shelfie[Press Release]

Shelfie has a better way to do book recommendations.

Amazon is the world’s biggest book retailer, but despite billions in sales and millions invested, the best they can do is “people who bought this also bought”. But, have you ever found a book you’d like to read while browsing a friend’s bookshelf? We do every time!

At Shelfie, we think that the best book recommendations come from two things: 1) the full picture of the books you actually own, not just the ones you bought online, and 2) the way that readers naturally organize their books.

Starting today, the Shelfie app (free on iOS and Android) includes personalized recommendations. Take a photo of your bookshelf (yes, a “shelfie”) and the app will produce a personalized list of recommendations based on how tens of thousands of your fellow readers have shelved millions of books.

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