Sales for Trade Books Increase by 0.5% in October 2015

AAPThis morning, the Association of American Publishers (AAP) released data revealing that trade book sales from January to October 2015 were up 0.5 percent compared to the same time last year.

AAP, a trade association for the consumer, educational, professional and scholarly publishing industry, tracks publishers’ net revenue on a monthly basis, analyzing sales of more than 1,200 publishers.

The report states that during the 10-month period, publishers generated $13.2 billion in revenue overall through the sale of trade fiction/nonfiction/religious books, educational course materials, and professional publishing.

Out of every publication category, trade books did the best, going up by 2.5 percent in October 2015 since the previous year. Readers mostly consumed them in paperback and digital audio formats—the most stunning statistic being that digital audiobook sales grew by 38.1 percent.

Specifically in trade books, October was an unusual month, in which adult book sales went down by 0.4 percent and children’s/young adult were up by 8.1 percent (the case is usually the opposite). Additionally, sales for religious presses went up by 11 percent.

Where sales didn’t do well, however, was in hardcover books, educational materials, and professional and scholarly publishing. Pre-K-12 instruction suffered losses of 4.7 percent and higher education materials 6.7 percent. Furthermore, university presses and scholarly journals and books all decreased in revenue by 2-3 percent.

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