How Investing in the Right Author Assistant Can Help Sell More Books

author, author assistant, books, sales, self-publishingIf you were to sit down and make a list of all the tasks involved in writing, publishing and marketing a book, it would feel exhausting. Add to that a partner, family, personal time or a full-time job, and you’ve got a recipe for sleep deprivation.

Many authors we talk to say they simply cannot afford to hire an assistant. But if you’re immersing yourself in audience research, advance review team coordination, managing contests and multi-author promotions, posting on social media, formatting your own manuscripts, managing street teams, managing an email marketing system, fact-checking, research, blog and podcast tours, ebook uploading and distribution, media kits, proofreading, editing, email correspondence, and website content management, you are just doing the bare bones. Oops, we forgot writing.

The Benefits of Hiring an Author Assistant

What if you were able to take just a few of those tasks off your plate? How much more time could you spend writing? How many more books could you turn out a year? How would that affect your income?

The return on investment of an excellent assistant is proportional to the increased amount of time an author can spend writing.

Much more.

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Barnes & Noble Settles Boire’s Severance (Pub Lunch)
Barnes & Noble has finalized a settlement agreement with former ceo Ronald Boire, fired after just over a year with the company. The retailer will pay Boire $4,825,600, and he will forfeit all equity awards. Boire and the company “agreed to release claims against each other in connection with Mr. Boire’s termination of employment.”

B&N’s Next Nook Might Support the Google Play Store (The Verge)
Barnes & Noble gave up its Nook brand a couple years ago and opted to instead co-brand other manufacturers’ tablets with the Nook name. Now it seems the bookstore chain will once again release its own new Nook, called the Nook Tablet 7.

Why Most Amazon Reader Reviews Are Worthless (PW)
I’ve been an agent for 40 years. Publishers may not like what I’m about to say, but my observation is that most Amazon and Barnes & Noble reader reviews are either fraudulent or, at best, useless in assessing the true merit of any given title. Debut authors are largely being shut out of a fair shake, and without them, publishing will follow the network-media misstep of avoiding/shunning the fresh voices that attract new audiences (which is why HBO, Netflix, Showtime, and, yes, Amazon Prime have surpassed the major networks in original content).

Cinestate’s Ambitions to Become a Global Cross-Media Company (Pub Perspectives)
A new entry in the cross-platform community of storytelling, Cinestate is a book, audio, and film venture based in Dallas.

Postcard from the Frankfurt Book Fair 2016 (BookWorks)
I’ve had the privilege of attending the Frankfurt Book Fair in Frankfurt, Germany for many years, especially in my current role as Director of IngramSpark. Frankfurt is considered to be the largest and most prestigious book fair in the world where the entire publishing industry gathers together for a massive celebration of everything related to books.

Books in Browsers VII Explores the Visual Context of Storytelling (Pub Perspectives)
Exploring what Peter Brantley calls “the rich and exciting diversity of our image-centric world,” Books in Browsers takes a new tack this year.

Change at the Copyright Office (PW)
A month into her 10-year term, Librarian of Congress Carla Hayden is already making waves. Last week, she removed Register of Copyrights Maria Pallante from her post, a move that has raised concern in the content industries.

A New Direction for BookExpo America (PW)
Reed Exhibitions is planning an expanded BookCon—its consumer-facing book event, launched in 2014—and a more focused BookExpo America next year. For starters, BEA is now being called BookExpo, and Brien McDonald, event director for BookExpo and BookCon, said the name is being changed for a few reasons.

Lessons Learned from the Coast Masterclass 2016 (Creative Penn)
I’ve just spent a week on the Oregon coast in an intense workshop with forty other business-minded writers led by Kristine Kathryn Rusch and Dean Wesley Smith.

Writing Opportunities: Kindle Worlds (The Verbs)
As an indie writer, these are a few things (among many) that we hope to achieve in our careers, and nowadays the opportunities for attaining that short list are exploding. Kindle Worlds is just one way of broadening your writing horizons.


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