Reedsy Launches Smart Margins for Reedsy Book Editor 

Reedsy, authors, self-publishing, books, ebooks, editing, designPublishing marketplace Reedsy announced today that it has added a new feature called Smart Margins to its book editing platform. With the new feature, the margins of physical copies of books authored using the platform will now be calculated automatically based off a book’s word count.

In an email to users, Reedsy wrote: “Why does the page count affect the margins? Well, it’s all about how the book is bound. With print-on-demand companies like Createspace, you may have noticed that a designer needs to add thicker inner margins for books with a higher page count. The tight binding on thicker books can make it harder to open them fully and text in the middle can get lost in the crease. Luckily, you won’t need to worry about this anymore as the Reedsy Book Editor now sets these margins for you, automatically.”

In October, Reedsy launched a learning platform for its authors.

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