Reedsy Launches Learning Platform for Authors

Reedsy Learning, reedsy, authorsPublishing marketplace Reedsy has launched a new learning platform for authors called Reedsy Learning, which consists of series of free daily email courses over 10 days about specific aspects of the book publishing process. The courses are taught by industry experts.

The platform went live today at 9am BST.

“After completing over 1,000 publishing projects in about 18 months, we realized how much help authors needed through the process of publishing a book,” said Reedsy CEO and Co-founder Emmanuel Nataf. “Instead of repeating ourselves, we thought we’d build the best possible content to answer their questions and make the journey a bit less daunting.”

Reedsy Learning launched with courses in three areas—marketing, publishing and writing—and will add courses in editing, design and distribution soon.

There are 10 courses available at launch:

• How to Stop Talking About Writing a Book and Actually Start Doing It, by book coach Jennie Nash
• How to Write a Novel, by best-selling fantasy author Ben Galley
• How to Write a Business Book, by ex-Macmillan Digital Publishing Director Alison Jones
• Stop Procrastinating! Build a Solid Writing Routine, by Chris Smith, co-founder of Write Track
• Self-Publishing Vs. Traditional Publishing, by Martin Cavannagh of Reedsy
• Traditional Publishing 101, by Scott Pack of UK crowdfunding publisher Unbound
• Self-Publishing 101, by Martin Cavannagh of Reedsy
• Book Marketing 101, by Ricardo Fayet of Reedsy
• All You Need to Know About Amazon’s Algorithms, by best-selling author Adam Houge
• Facebook Ads for Authors, by Ricardo Fayet of Reedsy

“Reedsy Learning will be the perfect basis to understand how to write a book—both fiction and nonfiction—get it edited, designed, and finally marketed and distributed,” said Nataf. “The product was built with the help of many industry experts to make what was once a closed pool of knowledge open and accessible to any author. We hope this new platform will lead to even more creativity and successful books.”

Reedsy was launched in London in 2014.

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