Reedsy Aims to Streamline Indie Publishing

reedsy, ebooks, indie authors, independent authors, self-publishingSince Reedsy’s launch in November 2014, the company has made some interesting moves when it comes to developing its product.

At its core, Reedsy—which was founded by Emmanuel Nataf, Matt Cobb, Ricardo Fayet and Vincent Durand—is an online marketplace that connects independent authors with marketing and design professionals.

And now, with a new product called Reedsy Book Editor, independent authors and editors can also collaborate on documents in real time—much akin to Google Docs. The result of all this is a downloadable book that can be submitted to the Amazon’s Kindle Store or Apple’s iBookstore as an EPUB or mobi file.

The founders say that in the early days of Reedsy, they approached the publishing industry from a reader’s perspective. What interested them most was how digital technologies were affecting authors and publishing, as well as the fact that self-publishing was a growing field. They soon identified a significant need: indie authors wanted high quality books but had difficulty finding marketing and design professionals who could help them. Alas, Reedsy was born.

Along with the self-publishing trend, the Reedsy team was also interested in learning about the freelance economy. As full-time employees were getting laid off from traditional publishing houses or chose to become freelancers, Nataf and Fayet thought they had a good idea that would catch on.

“This creates an opportunity for independent authors to work with top publishing professionals who were previously unavailable due to their full-time employment at publishing houses,” says Fayet. This was an opportunity to help publishers, too, he adds, as finding good freelancers can be just as difficult.

To start, the founders began working on a writing tool that could automate the process of formatting and typesetting content for both print and ebooks. Later, they integrated this tool with an online marketplace for indie authors and publishing professionals. Today, their focus is on adding features—such as Reedsy Book Editor—that could help authors and others collaborate more effectively.

Fayet hopes he and his team can truly bring innovation into the digital publishing space.

“When entering the industry, we were under the impression that new technologies weren’t being harnessed properly by traditional publishing companies, and this proved true,” Fayet explains. “Most publishers seem to consider ‘digital’ simply as a new and alternative distribution channel. Some are enthusiastic about it and others feel it endangers print. The big picture that is being missed is that digital can have a positive effect on every single stage of production, sales and marketing.”

Reedsy will soon release a new product called Reedsy for Publishers that will allow users—specifically publishers—to manage their projects more effectively.

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