Ratings Catcher Helps Authors Monitor Reviews

Ratings CatcherMany authors have trouble keeping track of their book reviews, as companies like Amazon and Apple simply don’t present them all. Kindle only shows U.S. reviews, and iBooks only shows reviews from the author’s home country.

But a new service called Ratings Catcher is trying to solve that problem for authors.

Launched earlier this month, Ratings Catcher gathers reviews from Amazon’s .com, .ca and .co.uk domains, with more countries to come, as well as reviews from all 50+ iBooks countries.

The service also offers review alert options through email, RSS, Slack and other services, and has an embeddable review feature for authors’ blogs and websites.

Ratings Catcher is the brainchild of Matt Kraft, the company’s founder.

“I’m primarily a software developer, but I have worked as an author in the past,” Kraft explained. “I’ve experienced firsthand how helpful and maddening reviews can be for a writer. Positive reviews are essential to drive sales, but a hassle to track and monitor. Ratings Catcher helps authors keep tabs on their reviews while freeing time for what really matters: writing.”

Ratings Catcher also offers options to track reviews for apps, podcasts and businesses.

Ratings Catcher costs $3 a month and $1 more per month for additional books. DBW readers, however, can get a free 60-day trial by using the code DBW60.

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4 thoughts on “Ratings Catcher Helps Authors Monitor Reviews

  1. Laura

    Thanks for sharing! It only took two minutes to get setup with all my books loaded into Ratingscatcher. Very cool!



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