Why Publishers Will Need to Embrace Machine Learning

machine learning, publishers, data, searchOver the past few weeks, Mike Shatzkin, Neil Balthaser and Ali Albazaz have debated whether machine learning systems will be able to predict a bestseller. It’s been an interesting exchange about the value provided by today’s publishing organizations and the future of predictive analysis.

That said, the growing deployment of machine learning systems raises larger questions for publishers that must be addressed soon, before publishers lose control over their intellectual property.

Publishing is a technology-driven business—a byproduct of the printing press—that has evolved in lockstep with advances in print and distribution technologies. While ebooks have grabbed most of the attention over the last decade, search has been and will continue to be the most significant technology driving publishing.

To that end, the evolution of search is being driven by innovations in machine learning-based discovery and recommendation.

Much more.

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