Publishers Need to Question Everything

Publishers Need to Question EverythingI’ve given myself a few moments over the last month to look at some of the ventures I’ve been fortunate to be involved in, as well as the business plans that arrive in my email. In each case, I have instinctively tested them against basic business principles.

I’ve also been reviewing my publishing businesses and have begun the process of bringing their operations and strategies up to date, re-painting their future to use less business terminology. Simultaneously considering business principles and the publishing business is sometimes a challenging prospect, but it has brought one powerful point into focus.

Publishing has its own rules and lines of business, and they never change—or maybe once a century (Thank you, Allen Lane). Print books are published at the same price, in the same format and presented in the same way, right through to their blurbs. Digital books arrived, but there is a palpable sense of relief that their pricing and format is becoming more standardized.

Much more.

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DBW Is Looking for Innovative Service Providers
Digital Book World has rolled out a new series called “Company Snapshots,” in which we we pose a series of questions to leading providers of digital products and services. And now we’d like to open the series up to all companies that are doing something worth covering. So if you head up a service provider that’s innovating in publishing right now, we want to hear from you. Just drop us a line and tell us why we should feature you in an upcoming snapshot.

Self-Published Authors Have Found a Way to Make Money (Quartz)
The smell and heft of print books are hard to replace, so it’s no surprise that rumors have been circulating about the death of the no-good, unloveable, cold, glassy ebook. But despite claims of slumping ebook sales, two new reports show this simply isn’t true.

How Much Should My Book Cost? (IngramSpark)
One of the best places to start when determining the profit goals of your book publishing endeavors is to seriously consider the price of your book.

Rakuten to Close UK Marketplace (Bookseller)
Rakuten will close its UK online marketplace in August following a review of its European operations. The website closure comes five years after the Japanese company bought for £25m in 2011 as a rival to Amazon in the UK, which then became

A Few Words with Andy Hunter (Pub Perspectives)
Andy Hunter plays a trio of roles in today’s publishing culture. Before his participation in our Rights Conference on Monday (June 13), he talks to us about the impetus for all three ventures: “to bring attention to, and advocate for, literary writing.”

Senate Committee to Consider Librarian of Congress Nomination Thursday (Library Journal)
We’ve learned that this Thursday (June 9, 2016) the Senate Committee on Rules and Administration will consider the nomination of Dr. Carla Hayden to be the next Librarian of Congress.

Google Tops Apple as World’s Most Valuable Company at $229 Billion (AdWeek)
Alphabet—Google’s holding company—is also the world’s most valuable alpha dog. Yesterday, Millward Brown and WPP released their annual BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands, which tracks the worth of the world’s top brands. According to BrandZ, Alphabet leads the pack because of Google’s growth in advertising money, growth in its cloud business and the company’s constant innovations.

Exact Editions Launches New Web Reader (DBW)
Exact Editions announced the launch of a new web reader for magazines and ebooks on its platform.

BookBub Featured Deals vs. BookBub Ads: What’s the Difference? (BookBub)
Many people have asked how BookBub Ads differ from BookBub Featured Deals. Ads and Featured Deals are two distinct book marketing tools. There are many differences between these two opportunities, and we recommend advertisers consider their goals before deciding how to run the most effective BookBub campaign. To help partners make these decisions, we summarized the differences between Ads and Featured Deals in the infographic below.

University Press Association Publishes ‘Best Practices in Peer Review’ (DBW)
The Association of American University Presses (AAUP) announced today the release of Best Practices in Peer Review, an AAUP handbook. The handbook sets forth a set of practices the AAUP deems necessary for “a rigorous process” of peer review for scholarly monographs.


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